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Here's how one Irish singer got Ed Sheeran to tweet him some serious praise

A chance encounter in New York and a CD was all it took.

eoinglackan Source: eoinglackin.com

THIS MORNING, SOUNDEST man ever and international superstar Ed Sheeran tweeted this to Irish musician Eoin Glackin, above:

What happened here? This seems like an intriguing situation.

As Eoin tells DailyEdge.ie it was a simple case of a chance encounter with Ed in New York this week:

Jamie Lawson was playing a gig here in New York – and he’s just signed to Ed’s label. I was at the gig as well and so was Ed. I just walked up to him and had an album with me and gave it to him.

An audacious move.

You do feel a bit silly, kind of like a 15 year old fanboy or something, but I thought it was a good idea anyway. I didn’t want to bother him or be annoying him so just left it at that. I didn’t think anything would come of it.

But something did come of it. Ed tweeted out the fact that he was listening to his 15 million followers this morning.

As everyone knows, Ed has the reputation as the friendliest guy in music - so it was nice for Eoin that he lived up to the billing:

I was a bit skeptical, can this guy be as nice as he seemed? But it turns out he is. It’s cool that he tweeted me back about it.

He must walk down the street and get 50 CDs put into his hand. Fair play to him for taking the time to listen to mine.

Eoin is currently over in New York, but will be back in time for his next Dublin show in Workman’s on November 19th.

Perhaps he can get Ed to tweet about that as well? Anything is possible.

Additional reporting – Valerie Loftus

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