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9 things people need to cop on to before Electric Picnic 2015

Please. Can everyone just stop.

WITH THE LINEUP announced and the hysterical reactions already over with, all we have left to do before Electric Picnic is mentally prepare.

And there are many traumatic things that always happen at the Picnic that we are bracing ourselves for:

1. People constantly stealing camp chairs

giphy Source: Giphy

They are not fair game. Please.

2. Bringing acoustic guitars and smugly whipping them out

Hippie Source: fraggy

It’s cool, we get that you can play. But there is no need to bring it out at breakfast and blare out your version of Wish You Were Here.

3. That “Alan Alan” thing everyone shouts

Electric Picnic Music Festivals Source: Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland

On the campsite, someone will shout the Alan, Alan, Steve, Steve gag across the sea of tents. This will continue for the whole weekend. It’s been around too long now guys, we need to let it go.

4. The “gas” t-shirts

We’ve seen them all at this stage. There is nothing left in the stockpile of comedy t-shirts that can amuse the public – we’re all done.

5. The casual dismissal of bands people haven’t heard of

tumblr_mgstks8lZQ1rc0rm2o1_400 Source: Tumblr

I haven’t heard of them, so they can’t be good.

6. And on the flipside of that, the utter disdain for acts that are deemed too popular

Cp_smug Source: Nocookie

No way am I going to see Outkast.

It’s a festival. Can’t we all just get along?

7. Calling it Lecky Picky for the whole weekend

We know what it is Éamonn, but we still don’t have to accept it as a legitimate thing.

8. The novelty costumes

Electric Picnic Music Festivals Source: Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland

You all know who you are.

9. And finally, the quintessential Electric Picnic staple, the trilby hat

Trilby Source: Stephanie Overton

Is it time to retire this old festival standard?

What are the ultimate Electric Picnic problems that must be stopped? Let us know. 

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