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This video showing an elephant throwing rubbish into bin is going viral - but is it real?

Some are sceptical.

LAST WEEK, THIS video showing an elephant picking up some rubbish and throwing it into the bin made its way to the internet.

It’s pretty remarkable.

Source: privateicams/YouTube

It has since received over 546,000 views on YouTube and comments to the effect of this.

But many are questioning the video’s authenticity citing the remarkably clear CCTV footage and questioning whether it was digitally altered.

elephant Source: Reddit

Some YouTube commenters even took the default “Jimmy Kimmel must be behind it” stance.

It’s also worth noting that the account that uploaded the video, privateicams, has never uploaded a video before and only created the account on December 10th.

Furthermore the video fails to disclose any pertinent information such as when and where the video was shot.

The video’s description simply reads:

Amazing CCTV footage – What this elephant does will blow your mind, if they can do it why cant we.

Other Reddit users stated that it looks similar to this stock effect available on After Effects.

elephant2 Source: YouTube

Our verdict? Don’t write it off just yet, but take it with a pinch of salt.

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