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The Dredge: Which star was caught peeing in a pot plant?

Nature called. The very best of the morning’s celebrity dirt…

Hello everybody! It’s pot-plant-peeing Emile Hirsch (Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press/PA)

EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING, the Daily Edge rounds up the best of the day’s celebrity dirt – from the top to the very bottom. Here’s The Dredge.

#INTO THE WILD: Fuzz-faced dreamboat Emile Hirsch (star of Into The Wild) was caught short outside a club in LA. So he did what any of us would do: unzipped his trousers, lobbed out Emile Jr and took his ease in a large tropical plant.

Only thing was, there were photographers there. And they took many, many photos of him. But he just KEPT ON PEEING.

See the full, unpleasant scene here. (The Superficial)

#GREEN JERSEY: Either Will Ferrell got an invite to The Gathering, or he’s just showing his solidarity with post-Budget Ireland. Anyway, he went to a swanky art fair in Miami sporting none other than a retro Ireland soccer jersey. Legend.

And, um, did we mention the moustache? There was also a moustache. (More photos at TMZ here.)

Strong look, Will. Strong look. (Instagram/Art Observed)

#TRAGEDY: Hold on to your hats, guys, because here’s the bad news: Channing Tatum, officially voted the hottest man in the world, is taking the next year off. So we won’t be seeing any of his strangely porky face until 2014 at the earliest. (Entertainment Weekly)

Here’s the good news: He’s working on a sequel to Magic Mike, so we WILL be seeing more of this. SCREAM. *drops glass of Chardonnay in excitement*


#ONE PROTECTION: Mischievous chiphunks One Direction have turned down a lucrative deal to promote Durex condoms in the US. Niall, Harry and the gang felt their fans “are slightly too young” to be learning about safe sex. (Irish Daily Star)

Luckily Zayn’s hairdo (second right) functions as a very efficient contraceptive. (Ian West/PA Wire)

And the rest of the day’s dirt…

  • Katie Price has unveiled her latest muscular-but-dopey squeeze: rugby’s finest permatan Gavin Henson. (The Sun)
  • Want to see AC Slater’s wedding pics? Here you go.  (Mail Online)
  • Brad Pitt is apparently ‘ditching his greasy look’. (The Sun)
  • Chris Brown still smokes dope; still is a dope. (Mail Online)
  • And here’s Jon Hamm’s willy, again. (The Superficial)

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