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The 11 emotions you go through when casting your vote
From annoyance to confusion to smugness, and back again.

BY NOW, MANY Irish people have already cast their vote in the local and European elections. If you’ve braved the elements and voted, you’re probably feeling a bit relieved, right?

That’s because the act of voting itself is an emotional rollercoaster fraught with indecision, confusion, annoyance and apathy.

If you used your vote today, it’s likely you experienced some of the following emotions.

Two weeks before voting: Annoyance

Damn politicians, calling to the door and littering the house with flyers. They’ll be lucky if I vote at all.

Three days before voting: Apathy

Will I even bother? They’re a bunch of messers.

apathetic voter Shutterstock Shutterstock

Day before voting: Resolution

I suppose I’d better vote. If I vote, I automatically earn the right to complain about the Government to my heart’s content.

4yDPQrL Imgur Imgur

Day of vote: Confidence

Alright, I’m going to drag myself to the primary school. I have my vote, I’m going to use it.

Ireland EU Referendum AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

Entering the polling station: Curiosity

Wonder who all the others are voting for? It’s still rude to ask, isn’t it.

giphy Giphy Giphy

Entering the booth: Daring

WILL I SPOIL MY VOTE??? Look at meee, I’m spoiling my voo-oooote…

1328 Replygif Replygif

Looking at the ballot paper: Indecision

But now that I’m here, perhaps I should take this seriously. Let’s see, who’s the best of the bunch?

decisions Dailybruin Dailybruin

Marking your preferences: Confusion

I want this candidate to get my first preference. But who are they with again? Do I like that party? I should have done some research.

confused voter Spirit of Americ / Shutterstock Spirit of Americ / Shutterstock / Shutterstock

Placing the vote in the box: Relief

Well, that’s that done now for another while. Thank god.

Ireland Childrens Referendum AP / Press Association Images Can you feel the relief rolling off this picture in waves? We can. AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

Immediately after voting: Smugness

Look at me! Democracy in action, doing my bit for the country, being an active citizen. Did you vote? No? I AM BETTER THAN YOU.

bunnyvote Flickr / Coaly Bunny Flickr / Coaly Bunny / Coaly Bunny

As the results come out: Befuddlement

Who did I vote for again? Was it that guy?

mfw_trying_to_remember-49948 Gifbay Gifbay

It could have been that guy. Well done, that guy.


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