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16th June 2024 - 22nd June 2024
Informal EU leaders' summit ends without agreement on top jobs
EU elections: 'We are hurtling towards climate disaster, but leadership is now entirely absent'
Sadhbh O' Neill
This month
June 2024
Sinn Féin to rejoin with The Left group in EU after ambiguity around decision
What's with these new lids? It's the EU's next step to cut down on single-use plastics
Last month
May 2024
Are you in Galway tonight? Join us for food, drink and good chat at a special live event
Ireland among member states seeking EU membership talks with Ukraine to begin next month
European Elections: Northern Ireland deserves a seat at the table in Europe – it is unique
Emma DeSouza
Meet the 'replacements' who could take over seats in Europe if elected MEPs bow out
Sisters, sons, press officers and councillors. This election, it’s all very inside baseball.
Probe into Facebook and Instagram launched over possible online 'rabbit holes' affecting minors
How are journalists across Europe reporting on June's elections? Join us for a free live webinar
This app will help you find your best match - a candidate in the European elections
EU writes letter to EBU criticising organisers for 'incoherence' in banning flag from Eurovision
The Explainer: What is Ireland’s history with the European Union?
Ireland is falling behind on what is needed to reach renewable targets, says climate council
What does the EU do? And what can it legislate and regulate?
Here are all the things that are in the EU’s exclusive remit to legislate and regulate.
Farming, wine and stocks in Ryanair, Barry's Tea and Glanbia - all the side gigs of Irish MEPs
Voters here say Denmark is most like Ireland among our EU counterparts
Majority of country believes Ireland should remain in the EU, polling finds
Most people believe voting for EU elections is important and would support more countries joining the bloc, according to the research.
April 2024
Who's running in the European elections and what are the key dates to look out for?
A record number of candidates have declared their status in recent weeks.
Enterprise Minister Peter Burke says 'votes are there' for Government to join EU migration pact
Ryan says EU has gone 'from bees to bullets' amid Green Deal rollbacks and conflict escalation
FG pulls EPP 'to the centre' says Séan Kelly as Irish MEPs say parties will remain in EU groups
Fine Gael, Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil MEPs said they would not be considering a switch.
Barry Andrews says he supports joint borrowing, despite McGrath ruling out defence bonds
Opinion: We and other NGOs are saying no to the EU's migration pact
Jim Clarken
'It's unbearable': Young Greeks speak out about lack of prospects 15 years after crisis
The Journal visited Athens in advance of the EU elections to find out how young people have fared in comparison to Ireland.
New EU energy efficiency law could see government incentivise thousands more homes to renovate
Simon Harris's leadership makes 15% of voters less likely to vote for Fine Gael - poll
The results do not bode well for Taoiseach Simon Harris in his first week in office.
The biggest loss of support was visible among the 18-34-year-old age group.
Today's The Journal/Ireland Thinks poll also took a look at the popularity of the parties and asked voters which election is more important to them - the EU elections or the local elections.
This latest poll also shows a slide in support for Sinn Féin, with the party down to 23% from 26% in February.
Could McConalogue be the next EU commissioner? Minister says there's no point in speculating
Poll: Do you understand how the European Union works?
The Explainer: Everything you need to know about how the EU works but were too afraid to ask
March 2024
Romania and Bulgaria join Schengen area for air and sea border crossings in 'historic' EU move
Romania and Bulgaria set to join the EU's visa-free zone tomorrow
Poland raids Russian spy network targeting EU with propaganda and disinformation
'We are really going in the direction of outsourcing asylum'
'Sausage making': What is an MEP and what do they do?
What exactly is an MEP? What do they do? And how does the job compare to being a TD, senator or councillor?
Got questions about what MEPs do ahead of the elections in June? Muiris O'Cearbhaill has got you covered.
This explainer details the many elements of the role of an MEP, including voting, negotiating and diplomacy.
European leaders open EU membership talks with Bosnia and Herzegovina
The EU is confusing - here's how all its bits work together
Varadkar says plan to process irregular migrants outside EU won't dramatically decrease arrivals
'This is our war too': Varadkar warns Putin's ambitions will not stop at Ukraine
'It is not like the UK Rwanda policy': Varadkar defends proposed change to EU asylum policy