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Last year
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Poll: Do you exercise when you’re on holiday?
People were seen jogging at Glastonbury festival in recent days.
All time
Opinion: Three charity workers share how Covid changed fundraising without dampening spirits
The pandemic has affected the sector, but these three people from different charities say they’re still feeling bright about the spirit of giving.
# Consumer protection
Peloton agrees to recall treadmills following injuries and one child's death
The company has received 72 reports of adult users, children, pets or objects being pulled under the treadmill.
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Poll: Are you getting more or less exercise since the latest restrictions were introduced?
The restrictions permit exercise within 5km of your home, but are you getting out for more walks or runs this time?
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Poll: Should joggers and cyclists have to wear face masks?
The WHO doesn’t think they should, but others disagree.
# level 5
Poll: Do you plan to exercise more over the next six weeks?
The country is under Level 5 restrictions until 1 December.
# Exercise
Young people who play sports show lower levels of anxiety and depression, study says
Researchers surveyed more than 5,000 11-20-year-olds late last year.
# green spaces
84 Irish parks and gardens win Green Flag award
There were 14 awards for community-run spaces across the country.
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Poll: Are you getting more or less exercise since restrictions were introduced?
Many people are living a more sedentary existence because of the Covid-19 measures.
# Your Say
Poll: How often do you take a long walk?
Every day? Every week? Less often than that?
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Poll: Do you think you get enough physical activity?
Seven in 10 adolescents in Ireland don’t, according to a new study.
Opinion: There is a wonder-drug that all schools should be prescribing
Exercise should be viewed as medicine. Indeed, if exercise could be prescribed as a pill, it would be the most prescribed drug on the planet, writes Professor Niall Moyna.
# hot and cold
New fabric automatically cools or insulates based on its environment
Before people realise they’re getting hot, the garment could already be cooling them down.
# special offers
Want to make your shopping trip healthier? Here's some advice
More than one-third of supermarket products on special offer are high in fat, sugar and salt.
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Poll: Are you getting the recommended 2.5 hours of exercise each week?
Adults between the age of 18 to 64 are supposed to get 150 minutes of physical activity each week.
# Growing up in Ireland
One fifth of obese 13-year-olds in Ireland believe they are just the right weight
A new report published today noted similar findings among parents of obese children.
# standing desks
Workers who stand as well as sit 'perform better and are happier'
Some offices have introduced sit-stand desks.
# don't stop
'You forget your aches': Older Dubliners are taking over the Mansion House each week for a unique fitness class
The 12-week programme is aimed at older adults and run by non-profit organisation Siel Bleu Ireland.
# The King
LeBron James reportedly spends $1.5 million per year to take care of his body — here's where it goes
That’s one expensive gym membership.
# Future Focus
Goodbye gym guilt, hello exercise pills? The future of staying in shape
No more boring hours on the exercise bike? Eh, sign us up.
# Event Guide
4 events for... yoga enthusiasts in need of a grand stretch
Namaste your way through the weekend.
# Follow Fitness
The half-an-hour home exercise circuit which requires no equipment, just you
No gym, then there’s still no excuse.
# Research
This is how much exercise is needed to help improve thinking skills
Scientists found that people who exercised an average of at least 52 hours over about six months for around an hour each session may improve their thinking skills.
# Follow Fitness
Looking for the ultimate upper body home workout? Try these 4 push-up exercises
Get on this routine.
# Training
Training for a triathlon? Here's a 5-step stretching routine to help with the cycling leg
Muscle pulls are a disaster and this will help you avoid them.
# go walking
Living near a green space may not have any impact on obesity
New research found obesity levels in the greenest areas were actually higher than those with a medium amount of green space.
# Bjorn Borg
This Swedish company is making on-the-job exercise compulsory
Every Friday, employees retailer Bjorn Borg leave their desks at the company’s Stockholm headquarters to go to the gym.
# staying active
Less than one-third of adults get enough exercise, but some workplaces want to change that
It’s recommended that adults get 30 minutes of moderate activity five times a week.
# Poll
Poll: How much exercise will you get this weekend?
Are those new year resolutions holding up okay, three weeks in?
# Don't sweat it
Bikram yoga is 'no more effective than yoga practiced at room temperature'
This type of yoga is carried out in a room heated to 35–42 degrees Celsius.
# Anger Management
Tips to quell anger when you feel it rising
From exercise and self-reflection to counting your breaths, we found some tips that might help with managing your anger.
# lunch crunch
Poll: Are you taking part in a mass swim or run on Christmas Day?
Give it to us straight. Be honest.
# lunch crunch
Poll: How often do you take a long walk?
Give it to us straight. Be honest.
# Get walking
'Sitting is the new smoking': Health experts warn that Irish adults are not active enough
A new survey finds that the 18-24 age group may be the least physically active amongst all adults.
# Fitness
How often should you work out? Making sure you don't train too little, or too much, for your fitness goals
Dean Merton helps you to find the training load that’s right for you.
# healthy thoughts
Do you think you're lazier than your friends? Well, stop. It's bad for you
The researchers say the importance of mindsets in health needs to be taken more seriously.
# wooooo
The impressive workouts Alison Brie did to get in shape for her new wrestling show
It is real!
# nutrition
The best thing to eat before and after you exercise, according to the physiologist behind the viral 7-minute workout
Fuel up.
Fitness goals: 'Be specific. Choose something concrete like running 5K in 30 minutes'
If the first quarter of the year hasn’t gone well, start re-thinking your fitness goals now, writes Carl Cautley.
# Your Say
Poll: Are you happy with the amount of exercise you're getting each day?
The average Irish person is getting just 48 minutes of moderate exercise each week.