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6 features the new 'Facebook at Work' should totally have


FACEBOOK IS REPORTEDLY developing a new specifically for work called Facebook at Work. The new service will enable you to use the site at work, chat with colleagues and collaborate on documents  à la Google Drive/LinkedIn.

That doesn’t go far enough if you ask us, though.

We think the new site should carry features like…

1. List of what everyone actually does

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“Oh, that guy? I don’t know what he does.”

Every office has one. Nobody knows what their job title is and nobody wants to ask. With Facebook at Work, you should be able to scroll through people’s profiles and get a clearer sense of what it is they actually do.

“Ohhhh, he works in HR. Gotcha.”

2. Database listing the names of colleagues’ children

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We’ve all been there. You’re chatting to a colleague and… you can’t remember the name of their child/spouse. It wouldn’t be embarrassing only you have been told the name, oh, thirty-seven times now and it’s just plain rude to ask again.

Solution? A database on Facebook at Work listing key personal details of colleagues like: name of spouse, name of children, pets (if any) that you can quickly scan through before going to the break room.

No more awkwardness.

3. Poking colleagues when they ignore your e-mail

PokeIcon Allfacebook Allfacebook

Facebook’s most reviled feature could actually come in pretty handy when you need to remind someone to get back to that e-mail you’re still awaiting a response on.

Just think of  it as a polite nudge. A polite nudge that says, “Reply to my e-mail, damnit.”

4. Updated statuses about what belongs to who in the fridge


Think about it. You go into work and post a status to Facebook at Work reading, “Strawberry yogurt in the fridge is mine!”

Sure, it’s dreadfully boring, but all your colleagues will see it and that means there can be no excuses for when it mysteriously disappears.

5. Private space for sharing pre-meeting anxieties

giphy cakesangels / Tumblr cakesangels / Tumblr / Tumblr

“Are we supposed to be bringing ideas to this meeting? I have no ideas! Does anyone have any ideas? Help!!!!”

6. ‘Work drinks’ events pages

facebook-event-created socialmediadiyworkshop socialmediadiyworkshop

You get a round-robin e-mail inviting you to “work drinks”. Everybody claims to be going (“I’ll be there!”) but when you show up, only four other people are there.

A Facebook event page for such occasions where people can make their real intentions known (“not attending”) would make your decision-making process infinitely easier.

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