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The 8 impossible Facebook dilemmas

Should you accept your mum’s friend request? ARGH.

FACEBOOK IS GREAT and all, but sometimes it puts you in AWKWARD SITUATIONS.

What’s the right thing to do? We don’t know. But we want to hear what you think. Let us know in the comments – how do you deal with the following dilemmas?

1. Accepting friend requests from family members

It seems sort of rude not to, given that you ARE friends with that guy you hated in primary school and haven’t seen since. But what if there’s stuff like this?


2. Pointing out other people’s typos

Sometimes it’s not appropriate. But sometimes it’s SO HARD TO RESIST.


3. Wanting to block one of your friends

Because they wreck your head. But what if there’s some important bit of news that they then expect you to know? WHAT THEN?


4. Complaining about embarrassing photos of yourself uploaded by other people

How embarrassing do they have to be before you can legitimately make a fuss? Should you just go on a wild untagging spree, or will that make you look like a douche? It’s a minefield.


5. Accepting friend requests from someone you’re dating

OK, so you may have swapped one or more DNA-carrying fluids. But are you ready for them to see your birthday photos from last year? How long should you wait?

See also: friend requests from work colleagues. (But without the fluids.)

6. Liking other people’s new profile photos

If it’s them looking ‘nice’, they obviously WANT you to like it. Do you have to? Will they notice if you don’t?

7. Liking sad status updates

You want to respond to the announcement that someone’s granny passed away, but is ‘liking’ the right response? Do you share it instead? Do you leave a token comment? AAAAARGH.

8. Leaving sarcastic responses

Some people are just BEGGING for it. But will you seem unduly harsh?


ARGH. Tell us what you think…

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