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15 facts that will make you feel unbearably old

You’re a dinosaur.

 1. Ireland’s Eurovision contestant was born in 1998

Irelands Eurovision Song Contests Source: Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

Molly Sterling will represent Ireland in this year’s Eurovision contestant.

We know what you’re thinking: if you were born in 1998, that makes you, like, 12 years old.

Incorrect. 1998 was 17 years ago. You’re just ancient.

2. Your children will probably never know a Gary

garyextinct Source: Huffington Post

You: “So, my friend Gary –”

Child: “Papa, what’s a Gary?”

3. There are people eligible to vote who weren’t born when the Macarena was out

Source: Music☆STSPb/YouTube

Macarena was released in 1996, which is, oh, 19 years ago.

BRB, planning our funerals.

4. Riverdance is 21 years old this year

riverdance Source: Reaction GIFs

5. Um, 1999 is as far away as 2030

giphy (5) Source: fyspringfield/Tumblr

Contrary to what The Rolling Stone might say, time is most certainly not on your side.

6. Dustin the Turkey is 26 years old

dustin Source: Wikipedia

So says Wikipedia.

7. Also, Bruce Willis turns 60 years old today

giphy (4) Source: Reddit

Happy birthday, Bruce!

8. And Pretty Woman is 25 years old

How did that happen?

9. Internet Explorer is officially dead

10. Flip phones are so archaic that they’re literally in museums now

ye0iNnC Source: Imgur

11. With the exception of Screech, the entire cast of Saved by the Bell are in their forties

saved Source: YouTube

Hello, mortality.

12. This front page from Back to the Future will be old news by next year

We’re so far into the future, that Back to the Future’s idea of the

13. The kid from The Sixth Sense is so old that he’s mounting a “comeback”

haley Source: TODAY

But, but, when did he leave?

14. The Nokia 3210 was launched 16 years ago

Nokia-3210 Source: tech-kid

It celebrated its sixteenth anniversary yesterday, as a matter of fact.

15. And there are children in this country who have never heard Maniac 2000

A moment’s silence for the youth of today.

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