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4 Irish animals having an extremely busy day

Things aren’t going their way.
Apr 19th 2013, 12:50 PM 5,413 2

FEW THINGS ARE more annoying than when you’re out and about with messages to do and things just aren’t going your way.

You know how it is, you realise you’ve forgotten your wallet, or they don’t have the shoes you wanted in your size, or perhaps the queues are really long.

Those are exactly the kind of things these four Irish farm animals are up against.

This poor sheep was trying to take his owner out for a sandwich, only to find that the café was bleedin’ closed

Can't see the image?  Try reloading the page. Via Imgur

This donkey didn't have the right change for the bus, so annoying


Supervalu didn't have the one ingredient this bull had forgotten to get for dinner


This poor cow had a bit of after lunch indigestion and instead of the staff in Ennis Supply directing him to the toilet they just watced as he had an accident

(Bit of NSFW language in this video.)

YouTube/Grainne Fitzgerald

It just wasn't their day.

These poor cats just wanted to have some breakfast>

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