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10 fast food hacks and secret menus you have to know about

Eat better.

MAKE YOUR FAST food experience that little bit better with these largely unknown menu items and simple hacks.

You might have to assemble some yourself, but it will be SO worth it.

1. Starbucks has a secret menu

Here’s some things you can order on the sly.

  • Cake batter Frappuccino

A Vanilla Cream Frappuccino with extra vanilla and a pump of almond syrup.

  • Candy Cane Frappuccino

Just order a Vanilla Bean Frapp with peppermint syrup.

  • The Red Eye

The most common coffee hack, simply because it’s the cheapest way to get the biggest caffeine buzz. Order a drip coffee with a shot of Espresso.

  • Nutella coffee

Order a Caffe Misto with a pump of chocolate syrup, hazelnut, and caramel drizzle.

  • Waffle Frap

Pick up one of their caramel waffles and ask to have it blended into a caramel frappuccino. You might have a slight difficulty with this one, as some stores argue they won’t put solids into the blenders. The sound ones will do it no problem.

  • Marble hot chocolate

Can’t decide between white chocolate or milk chocolate? Have a mix of both.

My beautiful marble hot chocolate. Good morning! karlamaeeee karlamaeeee

2. There’s also a secret short size

Fancy a quick coffee buzz but don’t want to pay big prices? Ask for a short latte, you’ll get the same espresso as a tall but with a few cent kicked off.

3. McDonald’s also have a few DIY items to try

  • The McGangbang

Good luck asking for this one, but it’s a common knowledge chicken burger inside a hamburger.

mcgangbang_diagram Photobucket Photobucket

  • The Poor Man’s Big Mac

Ask for a cheeseburger with some Big Mac sauce, onions and lettuce. Done, cheaper with less fat, and no redundant bun in the middle.

mcdonalds-poor-mans-big-mac-2 Hackthemenu Hackthemenu

  • McLand, Sea and Air burger

This consists of exactly what you think it consists of. A McChicken Sandwich, a Fillet o Fish, and a hamburger.

BZiyG4XCUAA4-Fi Twimg Twimg

  • The Mc10:35

This is only available during the brief changeover window between breakfast and dinner menus. But if you can unlock it… it is spectacular.

4. Get it fresh

A much simpler hack is to always alter your order by one ingredient, add something or take it away, ensuring your burger will always have to be made fresh.

To do the same with fries, order them unsalted. You’ll avoid the ones sitting out AND you can decide how much packet salt you want to add. Win win.

mcdonalds-fries YouTube YouTube

5. Get more bang for your buck

Ask for no ice in your drink. It won’t be as freezing, but it will last a whole lot longer.

Drink_22oz_RedCup_Ice_2009-2_9 Burgerking Burgerking

6. Jam-pack your Boojum

In Boojum, fill her up with lettuce, extra salsas, and a mix of veg and meat for no extra cost.

1779755_871628242901986_7771567559249647710_n Boojum Boojum

7. Mix Subway with a pizza

The pizza sub is a hidden menu offering. It consists of pepperoni, marinara sauce, cheese and veggies, all toasted.

subway-pizza-sub Hackthemenu Hackthemenu

8. Eddie Rockets have some subtle ones

  • The Neapolitan Shake

Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla shake, all in one.

CGZIzuHVAAAe6L8 Twimg Twimg

  • Burger sauce

Everyone knows Eddie Rockets burger sauce is the elixir of the Gods. Ask for some on the side when you order your burgers and chips, and it’s a free dip. The BEST dip.

tumblr_lzefivy2ht1qji8tz Dat yellow sauce. Tumblr Tumblr

9. Nando’s

Take notes from this former employee who spoke to Cosmopolitan.

The staff menu-hacks are genius. My favourite is chopped up chicken butterfly over spicy rice, drizzled with yoghurt dressing and it’s delicious. Other staff members have made burritos, cheesy chips and even mini pizzas using the pittas.

10. Get more from your takeaway pizza

When you get a pizza, cut it this way. Look at all the pizza you get to steal from your unsuspecting guests.

ayeahhhhhhhh Dax Hacks Dax Hacks

For everything else, check out these quick tips from Buzzfeed, including how to keep it crispy and stop it from burning your mouth.

BuzzFeedVideo / YouTube

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