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Cuba on the cusp of new era as Castro to relinquish power this week
Ireland wants to build a relationship with Cuba
President Higgins on Castro: 'Next time he’ll require more than one line to reflect reality'
Barry McLoughlin
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President Higgins criticised for praising 'brutal dictator' Castro
President Higgins expresses his "great sadness" upon hearing of Fidel Castro's death
Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90
600 assassination attempts and still going strong - Fidel Castro turns 90 today
Fidel Castro has just had a right go at Barack Obama
Fidel Castro 'proves' he's alive... by writing to Maradona (seriously)
End of an era: After more than 50 years, the US and Cuba are talking again
"We can't give in to Ebola hysteria" - Obama
'Fidel Castro,' 'Leon Trotsky' and 'Karl Marx' all named in Hyde City FC's latest starting XI*
Column: Chávez was a charismatic leader - but his economic legacy should be a warning
Aaron McKenna
No surprises: Raul Castro re-elected president of Cuba
Raul Castro raises possibility of retiring as Cuban president
Fidel Castro visited Ireland in 1982 (and almost met Charles Haughey)
First Irish TV, Titanic, a famous ceiling: the big anniversaries of 2012
8 of the weirdest meetings of 2012
Fidel Castro is 'seen in public' as reports of stroke are dismissed
Ozzie Guillen says he loves Fidel Castro, gets suspended for 5 games
Pope meets Fidel Castro in Cuba
Poll: Should a statue of Che Guevara be erected in Galway?
Congresswoman urges Kenny to block Galway Guevara statue
US Foreign Affairs Committee chair criticises Galway's Che Guevara project
Hugo Chavez flies to Cuba for 'urgent' cancer treatment
Castro on US presidential hopefuls: 'A contest of idiocy and ignorance'
Cuba blames Twitter for helping to spread Castro death rumours
Cuba to allow citizens to buy and sell property
The Daily Fix: Tuesday
Fidel Castro labels Obama's UN speech 'gibberish'
Where's Hugo? He's running Venezuela on Twitter from his hospital bed
Where's Hugo? He's in Cuba with his pal Castro
Where is Hugo Chavez?
Cuban leaders fail to follow through on promises to give way to fresh faces
Castro considers introducing 10-year term limit for Cuban leaders
Fidel Castro 'refused colostomy after swollen colon' - WikiLeaks