11 eerie photos of the fog in Dublin this morning

It was like a scene from a horror movie but, you know, beautiful.

DUBLIN WOKE UP this morning to some seriously heavy fog – making the city look like it had experienced a zombie apocalypse overnight.

And people took to social media to prove it:

1. Like this scene over the Liffey

2. And the Ha’penny Bridge cloaked in fog

3. Actually, any scene featuring the Liffey looked straight out of a horror movie

Source: Instagram

4. This definitely looks like a character from said films

Source: Twitter

5. It will indeed go down in lore as the great fog of 2015

6. What you don’t need to see is a cloaked person in black walking slowly away from you

Source: Instagram

7. Seriously, you couldn’t see a thing

8. The best advice is to stay clear of the river when it’s this misty out – just for your own sanity

9. The weirdly empty streets played into the feeling that something was not right

*scary music plays*

10. DON’T walk down that street

Source: Instagram

11. And finally, this misty park would make you want to turn around and head back to bed

Source: Instagram

Still, it is beautiful and all (just a little disconcerting that early in the morning).

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