Dublin: 10 °C Friday 3 February, 2023

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All time
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Just 10 things that are cheaper than renting in Dublin
It’s cheaper to spend 2 weeks in Iceland than to rent in the capital.
# 1994
20 things all Irish people born in 1994 will have strong memories of
Worrying about what would happen if you didn’t pass as 12 when you tried get into Spin.
The price of Freddo bars has gone up to 40c in Ireland
We knew this day would come.
# brave new world
7 types of Freddo bars you can actually get outside Ireland
Not jealous at all.
# holy god
White Freddo bars are a real thing and they need to come to Ireland
Currently they’re only in Australia.
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There's an online quest for Taylor Swift to lower the price of Freddos
Help us Obi Tay Kenobi. You’re our only hope.