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20 things all Irish people born in 1994 will have strong memories of

Worrying about what would happen if you didn’t pass as 12 when you tried get into Spin.

1. Being just the right age to enjoy Zoey 101

JAMIE LYNN SPEARS AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

2. Which meant craving the fictional beverages in Zoey 101 

3. And the food. Remember how good those crisps Quinn invented for Michael looked

Screen-Shot-2015-11-23-at-4.31.57-PM-1448314331 Nickelodeon Nickelodeon

4. Being too old to enjoy iCarly to the same extent

24th Annual Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards - Los Angeles How did this terrible show ever win an award? AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

The canned laughter was insufferable.

5. All the coolest boys on your road wore these

t90 eBay eBay

6. Hoping the bouncer at Spin would believe you were over 12 so you would get in

spin Kelly / Twitter Kelly / Twitter / Twitter

7. The very weird fashion trends of your early teens

8. You definitely owned one of these phones at some stage

One of these ridiculous stick phones

Samsung-SGH-F210-and-SGH-F200-Stick-Phones-3 Softpedia Softpedia

This Nokia was the slimmest phone of the time, it almost felt like it had been made for texting in your skirt pocket in school.

The Samsung Tocco below started at £350 when it first came out. Can you imagine paying even €50 for that now. It had a front camera that you couldn’t even use for selfies. It only worked for video chatting, which cost about €9 per minute back then.


But the most iconic phone of your early teens:

I still distinctly remember the smell of plastic off this phone for weeks after it was new. It smelled so expensive.

9. The Dominos ads before The Simpsons on Sky One

dw2productions / YouTube

Even though there were very few Dominos branches in Ireland at the time.

10. Being lucky enough to have all of your embarrassing childhood photos deleted off Bebo when it shut down


11. But now that means most of your tagged photos on Facebook begin at either junior night or that time it snowed in 2010


12. Trying to figure out just exactly what a recession was in 2008

recession ftchris / Flickr ftchris / Flickr / Flickr

CSPE teachers especially were bombarded with questions about how long it was going to last.

13. Having to ask your mam if your friends could come in off the road to play in the house

ps2 Nurudin Jauhari / Flickr Nurudin Jauhari / Flickr / Flickr

Crossing your fingers and saying “Mam, can me and ____ play Playstation?” then being told no because it wasn’t raining out. Then trying your friends house next, and inevitably being rejected again. Kids nowadays are just like “Mam get out, me and ____ are playing Playstation”.

14. The days when the “piping went” and the TV just showed static on every channel and there was no internet to fall back on

piping Future Atlas Future Atlas

If this happened on a rainy day, you were doomed.

15. You or someone you know owned this t shirt

Or one like “Someone who loves me very much got me this t shirt in Benidorm/Ibiza/Salou/Where ever your nanny liked to go on holidays”.

16. Living through the country’s weird obsession with Playboy and Marilyn Monroe merchandise 2005-2008

argos Argos Argos

Things have clearly changed. There was once a time where half of the Argos catalogue was full of Playboy stuff.

17. Witnessing the horrifyingly rapid increase of Freddo prices

download Brian Rellis Brian Rellis

These were 15c when we started school. Today they’re 40c. By the time we are 50, you will probably need a mortgage for one.

18. How we somehow all had the same skipping ropes in school

skipping Andy Valente Andy Valente

Where the hell did all of this blue rope come from?

19. Learning Irish from a skeleton and his skeleton dog

Maith-Thu-3 Edco Edco

20. When iPods and Wii’s first became available to us

2nd-nano-group-56a5359f3df78cf77286f13a Apple Apple

How many people blew their confirmation money on one of those iPod Nanos? Wii controllers that people couldn’t hold onto smashing TV screens and furniture became one of the biggest scandals of 2007.

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