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12 people whose genius needs to be recognised immediately

Well played, everyone.


People who think on their feet and aren’t afraid to go one step beyond the usual. Like:

1. The person who saw an opportunity and went for it

flute Source: Imgur

2. When somebody couldn’t be arsed with uncomfortable seats at the airport their genius took over instead

tentme Source: Imgur

Cheeky? Perhaps. Genius? Definitely.

3. This woman knows about personal space on the train

personalspace2 Source: Imgur

And is not afraid to bring a contraption to ensure she gets it.

4. The lawyer who decided on this advertising strategy

advertising Source: Imgur


5. This airline passenger was never going to be disheartened by the lack of in-flight TVs

geniusplane Source: Imgur

6. This little girl that was selling cookies – and knew the college dorm would certainly boost her sales

geniussleer Source: Imgur

7. The person who came up with this design

caution2 Source: Imgur

True innovation.

8. Evil genius still counts as genius

trafficwarden Source: Imgur

9. The person who added this to a simple light

light Source: Imgur

Lights will never be the same again.

10. The person who improvised this system for hot soup

soupy Source: Imgur

11. This guy who didn’t let the lack of an iron stop him from achieving his goals

geniusiron Source: Imgur

12. And finally, when your arms get tired holding a device in bed, think of this hero

tvbed Source: Imgur

Award all of these people medals immediately.

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