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# Kenya
Rare white giraffe and calf killed by poachers - leaving just one left in the world
Just one remaining white giraffe remains alive — a lone male, borne by the same slaughtered female.
# a mighty shade of pale
Two rare and magnificent white giraffes have been spotted in Kenya
The giraffes have a condition known as leucism.
# giraffe childcare
Toddler (2) pleaded with parents 'no crèche, no crèche'
The parents reached a settlement in court today.
# waiting for godot
Millions of people have been watching a live stream of a pregnant giraffe about to give birth
Despite very little happening all week, millions have tuned in waiting for April the giraffe to give birth.
# extinction
Experts warn giraffes face 'silent extinction' as population substantially drops
The species population has dropped around 40% in the past 30 years.
# Search
In photos: Can you think of a suitable Irish name for this baby giraffe?
Fota Wildlife Park is looking for your help.
# oh sabrina
"Giraffes are very dangerous": US woman defends big game hunting (and prompts fresh outrage)
“There is a connection with the animal, and just because we hunt them doesn’t mean we don’t have a respect for them.”
# having a giraffe
An Irish couple on holiday just scored the greatest photobomb
Oh hai!
# Not happy
People are outraged this hunter posted a picture with a dead giraffe
Ricky Gervais posted a picture of the hunter on his Facebook page.
# South Africa
Giraffe in truck dies after hitting head on low bridge
The animal was being transported along a Pretoria highway.
# inspired by cadbury
Meet Fota's new baby giraffes... and suggest some names for them
Cork has two new arrivals.
# put down
A Danish Zoo has killed four healthy lions
Yes, it’s the same zoo that put down the giraffe…
# Holland
Terminally ill zookeeper pays last visit to his animals
This is very touching.
# News Fix
Here’s What Happened Today: Friday
Everyone’s talking about power outages, top-ups and LOVE.
# Not again
Danish zoo may kill ANOTHER healthy giraffe named Marius
Marius’ genes make him unsuitable for breeding, so he may have to be put down.
# Monkey Business
Our chimps are NOT on the pill, say Dublin Zoo
The zoo has denied reports that female chimps were using contraceptives.
# Euthanasia
Zoo kills healthy young giraffe despite protests
The giraffe’s body will be fed to tigers at the zoo in Copenhagen.
# neck it
So a giraffe walks into a bar... literally
Hey giraffe, you don’t belong here.
# giraffic park
Giraffe chase video goes viral, inspires Jurassic Park remix
The internet got hold of it.
# JobBridge
Nationwide JobBridge ban for creche chains featured in RTÉ programme
The Department of Social Protection says no interns have been sent to the creches involved, and none will be.
# Childcare
McDonald criticises JobBridge's 'no experience required' childcare positions
A number of internships advertised on the site require only secondary level qualifications.
# mating fail
Love-hungry giraffe gets it horribly, horribly wrong
We’ve all been there, right guys? Guys?
# A Breach of Trust
Did you miss the Prime Time creche expose? Here's what happened
With RTÉ not making the programme available to view again, presents an in-depth recap of the programme for those who missed it.
# Zoo Arrivals
Photos: the cutest Dublin Zoo arrivals of 2012
New additions include the births of tapirs, red pandas, eastern bongos and meerkats – and the transfer of two lion cubs and a bull elephant. Phew, what a year!
# cuteness alert
PHOTOS: What has Dublin Zoo named its new baby giraffe?
The seven-week-old giraffe is already 6 feet tall. Yowza.
# Cuteness warning
GALLERY: Dublin Zoo welcomes a new baby giraffe
The female Rothschild calf was born three weeks ago – and is already taller than most people!
# The Zoo
VIDEO: Dublin Zoo's newborn baby giraffe takes its first steps
Also, have you ever seen a pygmy marmoset – the world’s smallest monkey – so small that it’ll fit in the palm of your hand?
# Dublin Zoo
New arrivals at Dublin Zoo named
The results of the public competition are in…