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Only True Grammar Nerds Will Get Over 80% In This Quiz
Pedants unite!
# many regrets
11 tattoos that prove grammar is important
Our eyes.
# Fail
15 crimes against the apostrophe that will anger every grammar nerd
*eye twitches*
# gaelicked into shape
A Gaelic grammar blunder means this sign reads 'Welcome to Penis Island'
# Quiz
How Well Do You Know Your Apostrophes?
You’re hardly the type to mix up your and you’re. Or are you?
# comma on
This Women's World Cup banner demonstrates why punctuation is important
*spit take*
13 grammar fails that will make your brain hurt
“aaaaaaaaAAAAaAAAAARRRRGGGHH” – nerds
# grammar garda
Woman writes in to newspaper to correct grieving woman's grammar
How kind.
# back 2 skool
How Good At Grammar Are You?
Do you know your dangling participle from your elbow? Find out in here.
# apostrophe catastrophe
11 apostrophe fails that will enrage the grammar pedant in you
Happy International Apostrophe Day! (We think.)
Opinion: Does learning a second language lead to a new identity?
Speakers can feel liberated by the ‘voice’ they discover in a new language.
# oh dear God
Kelsey Grammer joined Twitter and immediately began correcting people's grammar
This is really happening.
# Top of the Class
7 simple grammar rules EVERYONE should know
Grammar is fun! Well, not really. But it helps.
# Leaving Certificate
Spelling, grammar and punctuation are problems for Irish students
A report from the SEC also found that Shakespeare’s Macbeth is still the most popular text among Higher Level English students.
# Schools Rugby
Sligo claim Connacht Schools Senior Cup after tense final replay
A late try from Jake Sexton, converted by Matthew Cosgrove, secured a 10th title for Grammar.
# commas
Here's why commas are extremely important
Oh, Fox News. Oh.
# Your Irish
This St Patrick's Day t-shirt has one patriotic grammar fail
The grammar GardaĆ­ have been notified.
# Hello boy's
You can now buy this grammatically questionable t-shirt in Penneys
Someone employ a t-shirt spellchecker, STAT.
# Nee Naw Nee Naw
6 of the most arresting tweets from the Grammar Garda
Apostrophe abuse? There are penalty points for that.
# your fired
None of these people know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'
So many apostrophe fails. And feels.
# my bloody festival
Organisers say "main focus" of Friday at Electric Picnic is the main stage
The Friday evening lineup appears smaller that previous years.
# your kidding
Someone at TV3 doesn't know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'
# *can't *stop
15 examples of the Grammar Police at their most obnoxious
Have a look and decide for yourself.
# Mouths of Babes
Toddlers' speech is far more advanced than previously thought
The sound of toddlers babbling might seem like random sounds but is actually much more sophisticated than previously thought, according to a new study.
# evening fix
The Evening Fix... now with added curse words
Here are the things we learned, loved and shared today.
# romp of otters
The 11 most perfect collective nouns for animals
Who comes up with these?
# morto
12 catastrophic spelling and grammar fails
To make you wince. (Also, laugh.)
# Different Class
Primary school kids correct typo-ridden tweets of NFL players
How do you spell NFL again?
# Dilemma
The burning question*: How do you pronounce 'yoghurt'?
It’s Monday, so let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)
# Recruitment
Accountants cite bad spelling, formatting and grammar as worst CV offences
A survey of accountants has found that the majority rate CVs as average with 80 per cent of recruiters in the industry dismissing a candidate’s chances immediately due to a badly prepared curriculum vitae.
# why god why
Waterstone's to ditch the apostrophe from its name
Waterstone’s says dropping the apostrophe is “more versatile and practical” in a digital world.
# Oxford Comma
Will you miss the 'Oxford comma'?
Grammar fans react angrily to the scrapping of the Oxford comma – but what on earth is it?