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What is a 'gringe' and why is everyone talking about it?

It’s not as manky as it sounds. We promise.

OVER THE WEEKEND, Kate Middleton was spotted sporting a new haircut.

But not just any new haircut. The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted with a fringe.

As you can see, though, it’s not really a fringe.

In fact, it looks more like she’s growing out a fringe.

The Daily Mail has now coined a term for this phenomenon: “gringe”.

Dubbed the ‘gringe’, or the ‘grown-out fringe’ by hairdressers, it is a classic tried-and-tested style for new mothers such as Kate.

The newspaper reports that it’s low-maintenance and “covers a multitude of sins,” and is already predicting that it’ll be the hair trend of the season.

…hair stylists up and down the country had better make sure they’re up to date with how to cut it. Just as her dresses sell out in seconds, the Kate-endorsed ‘gringe’ is sure to be the hairstyle of the season.

Determined to try the hair trend herself, This Morning’s Holly Willoughby got a ‘gringe’ live on air this morning.

(And yes, everyone knows how rude it sounds.)

But already it looks like it’s catching on…

All hail the gringe.

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