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# internet in mourning
Online celebrity Grumpy Cat dies aged 7
The cat made her owner Tabatha Bundesen of Arizona, a wealthy woman
# Internet sensation
Grumpy Cat wins €570,000 payout in copyright lawsuit
Grumpy Cat inadvertently went global in 2012 after a picture of the cat sporting its angry-looking face was posted online.
# grumpy cat
Yes, the Grumpy Cat movie is actually happening and here's the bizarre trailer
The internet has gone too far this time.
# because I'm catty
Grumpy Cat wore Pharrell's hat to the MTV Movie Awards
The fabulous feline stole the show.
# Happy Birthday
Grumpy Cat celebrated her birthday at Vogue magazine
Tardar Sauce turned two this week.
# feline grouchy
Oscar the Grouch and Grumpy Cat had a misery-off
There’s just no competing with that cat.
# grumpy cat
Cheer up, Grumpy Cat: You have an ad deal
The internet-sensation feline is now ‘spokescat’ for a brand of cat food.
# celebricat
Grumpy cat wins at the Internet Cat Video Festival
Yes, there is an Internet Cat Video Festival.
# grumpy chat
WATCH: Morning show host loses it during Grumpy Cat interview
It was too early in the morning for him.
# grumppuccino
Grumpy Cat to release own brand of coffee drink
She had fun once. It was awful.
# Memetastic
The best memes of 2012
Grumpy Cat, Angelina Jolieing, and those binders full of women. It’s been a quality year for internet memes. Here’s the cream of the crop…
# Not amused
VIDEO: Is this the grumpiest cat in the world?
Tard the cat doesn’t like the cut of your jib.