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This experiment proves that guys on Tinder may not be as bad as you think

Get some Valentine’s hope.

WE’VE SEEN A lot of disastrous Tinder interactions. Interactions like this, mainly of guys turning hostile. In fact, there’s a whole Instagram dedicated to collecting insulting messages from Tinder guys after they’re ignored or rejected.

Why so many assholes with a baby in their profile pic? #BYEFELIPE Source: byefelipe

This Felipe brought to you by @tindernofilter #BYEFELIPE Source: byefelipe

Blogger Karen Cheng created a Tinder bot to right-swipe thousands of men, and didn’t respond to a single one. They then analysed they key words in the messages of 1007 men who messaged the account. The results, are actually pleasantly surprising.

Not a single bad word was used in the interactions.


How could this be? They explain:

So if these Tinder horror stories are so common, how come we didn’t find a single one among over a thousand messages?
It’s like shark attacks. We hear about them in the news every summer, but only 5 people a year die of shark attacks.

So there you have it, the men of Tinder may not be as bad as you think.

Thanks Orion!

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