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# dirrty
People are very impressed with Kylie Jenner's 2000s throwback Halloween costume
The rig out everyone is talking about.
# puttin on my top hat
This lad from Swords expertly trolled his sister by recreating her Communion outfit for Halloween
And he looked GOOD.
# a lil bit spicy
These Dublin gals just nailed their Halloween costume - meet the Spice Bag Girls
Oh yes.
# sexy harambe
13 of the worst 'sexy' Halloween costumes for women this year
Hell is a place on earth.
# party on garth
This woman and her dog just won Halloween, so everyone else can stop trying
Look at his FACE.
# not cool
People are raging over this 'tasteless' Kim Kardashian robbery Halloween costume
The ‘Parisian Heist Robbery Victim’ kit includes a bathrobe, a fake diamond ring, and a gag :/
# halloween costume
A Boston bombing amputee dressed as Forrest Gump's Lt. Dan and absolutely nailed it
“Life is like a box of chocolates.”
# dress up willow
This little girl's selection of Halloween costumes is seriously impressive
Aaaand now everyone is in love.
# black and blue
The Dress that divided the internet is now a sexy Halloween costume
Start the arguments all over again.
# seeing double
This amazing 'double vision' Halloween makeup will melt your brain
Trippy as hell.
# Backlash
Website pulls Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume amid complaints
Several others are still selling it, though.
# Creepy costumes
There's a Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume and it's causing outrage
A petition against it is gathering signatures.
# h 2 OH
This water charges costume is a late contender for winner of Halloween
Well played, sir.
# dressing up
This was the line to get into a Dublin costume shop earlier today
We do it to ourselves, we do.
# spinning around
US Paralympian Josh Sundquist is still the king of Halloween costumes
This Foosball effort is the latest in a long line of the skier’s genius creations.
# glowy zoey
Best dad ever makes ANOTHER brilliant LED Halloween costume for daughter
So cute.
# vending machine
Dad of the year makes his son the best Halloween costume we've ever seen
No, that is not a real vending machine.
# all dressed up
7 pop culture Halloween costumes you should definitely avoid this year
You’re going to see a lot of these come October 31st.
# take our money
This year's #IceBucketChallenge Halloween costume is sorted
Pre-ordering it NOW.
# Costume
Woman who dressed as Boston Marathon victim faces job loss and death threats
The 22-year-old has received rape and death threats online
# Cheers
Is this the greatest TV-inspired Halloween costume ever?
Making your way in the world today…
# Halloween
Man in critical condition after Halloween costume caught fire
The incident happened in a nightclub in Galway city centre and GardaĆ­ are investigating.
# Halloween
Paralympic skiier Josh Sundquist dresses up as leg lamp, wins Halloween
You might not have heard of Sundquist before, but you will never forget this costume.
# taxi of terror
Photo: This Dublin taxi dressed up for Halloween
Either that, or something terrible has happened.
# fresco jesus
Looking for the best Halloween costume of 2012? Right here.
Oh, hello, Fresco Jesus.