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Dad of the year makes his son the best Halloween costume we've ever seen

No, that is not a real vending machine.

BLACK BIN BAGS? Face paints? Not in this house.

Reddit user MoobyTheGoldenCalf’s son wanted to be a vending machine for Halloween this year.

A vending machine? Sure, no problem.

sHArgrH Source: Reddit

2YRmC7w Source: Reddit

Mooby says he spent “a few weekends” working on the costume which is fully lit, has a plastic/plexiglass sheet in front and mirror film behind the crisps, meaning he can see out, but people can’t see in.

The boy’s trick or treat loot can be stored in the ‘push’ bin below the crisps. Dad has thought of everything.

And it isn’t the first time he’s been responsible for an amazing Halloween costume – last year, his son wanted to be a post box for Halloween.

vQZspgB Source: Imgur

The feet and eyes peeking out from within are the only indication that the one on the right is not, in fact, a post box.

Could the DailyEdge.ie team email you over some Halloween costume requests, Mooby? Few quick ones. Sure it’ll be no bother to you at all.

via /r/pics

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