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12 people who definitely had the worst hangovers ever

Things could be worse, look at these people.

NO MATTER HOW bad your fear is remember there are people out there who have had it much worse in the hangover stakes. Like:

1. The person who left this note

hangover Source: Imgur

The classic ‘I don’t want to make eye contact with another human’ note, basically.

2. The guy who will wake up to this confusing scene

confusing Source: Imgur

3. This shop owner after St Patrick’s Day

iradio212 Source: iRadio/Twitter

He’s in a bad way.

4. This mam knows how bad her hangover is going to be, so she takes it to the next level of genius parenting

geniuslevel Source: Imgur

5. The lad who thought this would work out

charger Source: Imgur

He will definitely have no phone to scroll through when hanging the next day. Disaster.

6. This guy who wouldn’t even stand up to brush his teeth

brushing Source: Imgur

Get that man a pizza, stat.

7. The person who woke up with Subway sign in their gaff

subway Source: Imgur

How? Why? He didn’t know.

The Fear is strong in this one.

8. The person who would wake up to empty cans crashing all around him

kpH6YEV Source: Imgur

9. This guy is in such a heap that he’d rather do some minor construction work than clear away bottles

table Source: Imgur

10. When you know pizza is going to play an important role in this hangover

hangoverpizza Source: Imgur

11. Poor Josh here

joshhere Source: Instagram

Imagine the hangover.

12. And finally, the hero who tried to make this sandwich but failed miserably

sandwich Source: Imgur

Sleep time now. Welcome to the fear in the morning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Everything is going to be OK.

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