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Here's what your Facebook likes reveal about you...
Warning: It may not be flattering.

Not that we ever do this ourselves, you understand. (Facebook)

EVER SNOOP OTHER people’s Facebook likes? Ever feel like maybe they tell you something about a person?

Well, you’re not wrong. Researchers in the US analysed the Facebook profiles of 58,000 volunteers and matched their likes against their personal traits.

They found that you could tell the difference between gay and straight men in 95 per cent of cases based on their Facebook likes; black people and white people in 88 per cent; and US political allegiance in 85 per cent.

So what do your likes say about you? You can see the full document here – but we’ve got a sample for you:

People with lots of friends tend to like:

Jennifer Lopez
Paid In Full

The Dollar You Are Holding Could’ve Been In A Stripper’s Butt Crack

People with few friends tend to like:

The Dark Knight
Honey, Where Is My Supersuit
Iron Maiden

Walking With Your Friend & Randomly Pushing Them Into Someone/Something

People with a high IQ tend to like:

Morgan Freemans Voice
Lord Of The Rings
To Kill A Mockingbird

Curly Fries

People with a low IQ tend to like:

Tyler Perry
Bret Michaels
I Love Being A Mom
Harley Davidson

Men tend to like:

Modern Warfare 2
Band Of Brothers

Bruce Lee

Women tend to like:

Gillette Venus
Proud To Be A Mom


People who drink tend to like:

Watching Karma Bite The Person You Hate Right In The Ass
Dear Liver Thanks You’re A Champ
Trying To Figure Out If Its A Cop Car
Meeting Someone Who Is Also Drunk And Immediately Becoming Best Friends

Tattoo Lovers

People who don’t drink tend to like:

When I’m Home Alone And I Hear A Noise I Freeze And Listen For Ages
Not Finishing A Sentence Because Your Laughing Too Hard About The Ending

I Like Watching Raindrops Race Across My Window And Silently Cheer For Them

Gay men tend to like:

Kathy Griffin
Human Rights Campaign
Mac Cosmetics

Ellen DeGeneres

Straight men tend to like:

Your Voice
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