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The 17 definitive hipster baby names in Ireland

We are through the looking glass now, people.

WHAT DO YOU do when you have a baby and really want to be cutting edge with the name choice? Well, worry no longer, we’re here to help.

According to the 200 most popular baby names in Ireland for boys and girls under three in 2014, we have got some interesting ones coming on the radar here.

(If you already happen to have a child with one of these names, count yourself lucky; they’re likely to be the only kids in their class with the moniker and you’re on the cutting edge when it comes to baby names. You cool cucumber, you)


_MG_8142 Yachichurova Yachichurova

Down in 192nd place on the list of boy’s names, this is a surprising dark horse to be deemed a hipster baby name. Only 23 boys under the age of three were listed in 2014 as having it though, so its rarity will only improve its chances of achieving a cool niche.

16. MOYA

tumblr_inline_myhtipIaa81qc3261 Tumblr Tumblr

Nowhere near the popularity of Maya, or even Maia, this name will guarantee a future of uniqueness* and exclusivity.

*Until it becomes insanely popular around 2023 and the plan will all fall apart.


Untitled Aislinn Ritchie Aislinn Ritchie

Ah yes, this ticks all the boxes.


tumblr_nhdwxe9ojg1tb8vb3o1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

37 boys under the age of three were issued passports last year with this name. It’s one of those names that just sounds cool.


tumblr_inline_nhhcpfuWGS1so10o6 Tumblr Tumblr

This name is ancient but suddenly it’s got hip again. Embrace it, Tristan is coming back into fashion.


vlcsnap-00124 Wordpress Wordpress

There is something quintessentially American about the name Corey. Which is exactly why it is set to be cool in about ten years time. Only 24 baby boys were named it in 2014 so get it while it’s hot.


Hipster Max at Bayou Bakery Kevin H. Kevin H.

This French-style name will give your kid a Gallic class that can’t be bought. Although, everyone else will just call him Max – losing some of the allure.


tumblr_inline_n7swjbBTro1rma0w3 Tumblr Tumblr

Laugh it up, Fionn, but you were the 24th most popular boy’s name in Ireland in 2014. You’re this close to becoming mainstream.


Warm weather PA Archive / Press Association Images PA Archive / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

There were 111 uses of this name in 2014 (combined between Eabha and Éabha) so this is getting popular. Still, it’s unique enough amongst the Gaeilge names to stay true to its hipster roots.


Joe 90? izzie_whizzie izzie_whizzie

161 boys were named either Rian or its fada-d equivalent Rían in 2014. Perhaps a little too popular to truly be cutting edge – as it was the 39th most popular boy’s name of 2014.


little hipster Monika Clarke Monika Clarke

Giving off an old Celtic mysticism vibe, Teagan was only chosen for 25 girls in Ireland in 2014. Snap it while it’s exclusive.


Heatwave water baby PA Archive / Press Association Images PA Archive / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

It’s like a really classy, Irish version of Kayla. Get on board.


shutterstock_203854456 Shutterstock / Joana Lopes Shutterstock / Joana Lopes / Joana Lopes

Róisín was so 20th Century. Move on, Róise is here

4. FIA

UK hot weather PA Archive / Press Association Images PA Archive / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

The shortened version of Fiadh (which was higher on the girls’ list, so we’ll ignore that based on its popularity), Fia is the  cool girls name that nods to your Irish heritage whilst also looking like an acronym.


shutterstock_216951460 Shutterstock / Bartosz Budrewicz Shutterstock / Bartosz Budrewicz / Bartosz Budrewicz

Not as Gaeilge, but this name rose nearly 50 places in the rankings this year for boys – so it is on the way up. It has that unique artistic flair that will keep the masses away from using it for their children, which will make the hipsters happy as it will remain exclusive.


Untitled Monica Holli Monica Holli

Disconcertingly close to County Laois in spelling, this name was used 35 times for girls in 2014. It’s still only the 131st most popular girls name in Ireland for those under three – but it could be on the rise (as long as you don’t live in Laois).


shutterstock_175115243 Shutterstock / Bartosz Budrewicz Shutterstock / Bartosz Budrewicz / Bartosz Budrewicz

There were 28 passports issued to baby girls named Siún in 2014. This is the queen of hipster names, with a nice touch of Gaeilge for authenticity. Add a double-barrelled name to it and you have got yourself a full blown adult hipster come 2034.

Inspired by this Buzzfeed article.

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