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only mean one thing

Here's how Drake’s Hotline Bling took over the internet

The story of one video’s journey to become the gas meme of 2015.

ON TUESDAY, DRAKE’S new video dropped and his unique dancing instantly became a hilarious meme.

But in the space of two short days Hotline Bling has taken on a whole new life of its own – it’s unstoppable.

This Vine was watched 10 million times in one day

Caleb Natale / Vine

Because it’s one of the best Vines ever created.

The lyrics were wonderfully applied elsewhere too

“I know when that hotline bling”

bertieahern via Colin Perkins / Fiona Hyde via Colin Perkins / Fiona Hyde / Fiona Hyde

“That can only mean one thing”

Once the internet had moved on from Drake’s dance moves, suddenly his facial expressions were absolutely fair game.

Real life Drake

In real situations

A Drake for all seasons

But the true success story of the Hotline Bling meme – the key to its popularity – has to be Drake being edited into all sorts of situations.

With lightsabers, doing his thing

Roman Hall / Vine

In space, convincing the Star Trek lads of the hotness of the hotline bling

RAYROD™ / Vine

Carlton was the best comparison

Mark Spencer / Vine

But we saw the the pizza hotline in action too

Sunny Peabody / Vine

Any Spanish-themed music worked well. The #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat hashtag took care of that

The geniuses of the internet have taken this one and ran with it

And created the finest and funniest meme of 2015

Congratulations. We’ve all been a part of something special.

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