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15 brilliantly pointless sites to visit before doing anything important

For all your procrastination needs.

1. Catleidoscope

Source: Catleidoscope

A kaleidoscope of cats. Mesmerising.

2. Here Is Today

Source: hereistoday

Shows you where today is in relation to this year, decade, century, geological era… all the way back to the beginning of the universe. Will make you feel insignificant.

3. Pug Licking Screen

Source: sanger.dk

A pug licks your screen. You watch. It is a thing of great beauty.

4. Passive-Aggressive Password Machine

Source: PAP

Nothing except a machine that passes remark on your attempts at a secure password. Enter yours and see what it has to say.

5. Beardest

Source: Beardest

Photographs of men with glorious (and not-so-glorious) beards appear. You rate their beards on a scale of ‘not’ to ‘beardest’. Satisfaction ensues.

6. Partridge Gets Lucky

Source: partridgegetslucky

Alan Partridge playing bass to Get Lucky, on an infinite loop, forever. You’re welcome.

7. Google Gravity

Source: Google Gravity

Like regular Google, except that everything collapses immediately to the bottom of the screen. See? Completely pointless.

8. Killer Whale

Source: liveinternet.ru

A killer whale that follows your mouse pointer with its nose. Hypnotic!

9. Death By Caffeine

Source: Death By Caffeine

How much of your favourite tea, coffee or energy drink would it take to kill you? Find out this essential information here.

10. Drawminos

Source: Drawminos


11. Ball Droppings

Source: Ball Droppings

Balls fall from a dot on screen. You draw lines to bounce them around. How many can you keep in play? (Is the question you’ll be regretting asking yourself after losing an entire afternoon.)

12. Koalas To The Max

Source: koalastothemax

Not, in fact, anything to do with koalas. Instead, a strangely soothing tool where your mouse cursor splits circles into smaller and smaller circles in a comforting series of colours.

13. OMFGDogs (warning: flashing colours)


Dogs run across your screen, accompanied by eye-popping colours and 8-bit music. STIMULATING.

14. Pointer Pointer

Source: Pointer Pointer

Wherever you put your mouse cursor on the screen, this page finds a photo where someone is pointing to that exact place. Magic!

15. Into Time

Source: Into Time

Just lovely, lovely colours morphing gently into one another and dividing as you click the mouse. Exactly what you’ll need after looking at the other 14 sites in this list.

Many of these via The Useless Web

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