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Will St Leger's eviction notice posted on the Dáil gates today. Will St Leger via Twitter
Small Dáil

In photos: Eviction notice served on government

Artist Will St Leger posted eviction notice on Dáil gates and handed out fake banknotes featuring Bertie Ahern.

A PERFORMANCE ARTIST has served an eviction notice on the government.

Will St Leger handed out fake bank notes featuring Bertie Ahern and posted the eviction sign on the gates of the Dáil.

The notice, dated today and signed “The People of The Republic of Ireland”, reads:

You are hereby notified that you must vacate your offices with immediate effect.

For the offences of: breach of trust, economic treason, falsifying expenses forms, colluding with developers, bailing out corrupt banks, damaging the reputation of the Republic of Ireland.

St Leger also delivered a “small Dáil” to Kildare Street, and wrote on his blog that it contained “empty wine bottles and tribunal reports in a big bag”.

He writes that it’s time for the government to face the chop: “Why not shrink the Dáil to a garden shed, with no heating, no junkets, no luxuries. It’s time we evict to lot of them, take back Leinster House and turn it into a hospital.”

In photos: Eviction notice served on government
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  • Small Dáil

  • Small Dáil

  • Small Dáil

  • Small Dáil

  • Eviction notice (via @willstleger)