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After 18 years, Internet Explorer is no longer the world's most popular browser
Now Google Chrome finally rules the desktop world.
Internet Explorer has taken the penultimate step towards its end
Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10, meaning only the final version is left.
5 reasons we will actually kinda miss the horrors of Internet Explorer
We hardly knew ye.
7 excellent reasons why you shouldn't be using Internet Explorer
Just stop.
Three weeks after turning off support, Windows XP faces its first major problem
A security flaw found in all versions of Internet Explorer – which would give a hacker to gain full access to your computer – could pose a serious problem for those still using the operating system.
It's finally time to say goodbye to Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close.
If you were a child of the 90s you will love this new ad
Pogs, bum bags, and Tamagotchi, oh my!
11 vintage websites as you used to see them
Whoa, is that a moving GIF?
EU opens antitrust investigation of Microsoft
Microsoft has been warned of “severe” consequences if the company is found not to have kept antitrust commitments it made in 2009.
Here's how to access Wikipedia during its 24-hour blackout
How to get around its internet blackout, if you want…
Would you trust this man to tell you a website is secure?
Phil Hogan told the public not to worry about security on the household charge website – but his own site is so dangerous that most browsers won’t even open it.
Google to pay almost $300m-a-year to remain Firefox default
Google is reported to have paid hundreds of millions to Mozilla for a three-year deal to remain the default search in Firefox.