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7 things you could buy instead of the iPhone 5

Have €600, but don’t fancy spending it on the latest Apple gadget? Why not buy gold teeth, or name a star after yourself…

Image: uberculture via flickr/Creative Commons

YES, THE iPHONE 5 is a sweet smartphone – but it looks set to cost around a hefty €600.

That’s a pretty large chunk of cash, but are there better ways of spending that amount of money?

Here are some of our top suggestions:

  • Spend the whole lot on penny sweets

‘Nuff said. This was a childhood dream for at least one TheJournal.ie staffer. Much tastier than chewing on an iPhone, and even if they’re called ‘cent sweets’ these days, they’ll give you hours of sugary enjoyment.

  • Name a star after yourself

If you’ve always wanted to see your name in lights, then €600 will most certainly get you one big light with your name (sort of) emblazoned on it. Head over to the Star Registry, where for $489.oo you can get the Heirloom Ultimate star kit, which includes a personalised star chart, and your star name certificate “beautifully matted [we're not sure what this means, either] in an architecturally inspired frame”. Your iPhone probably won’t last hundreds of millions of years, now will it? And it could never be that awesome.

  • Invest in gold teeth

Pick up some blingin’ grills thanks to Gold Teeth USA, which offers these white gold caps for just $580.00. A sure-fire conversation starter in a way that an iPhone could never be.

  • Spend a night in your own castle

Pretend you’re a prince(ss) and stay overnight with friends in Ballyportry Castle.  If you pool your €600 with some mates who also turn their nose up to Apple products, then you could pull together the €1,900 euro it could take to stay there for up to four days, with the whole 15th century Gaelic tower house to yourselves. Thankfully, there are modern appliances like a fridge freezer and dishwasher alongside the fur rugs and pottery dishes.

  • Sponsor a child AND an animal

Feeling altruistic? That €600 will help you sponsor an endangered animal, and help send a child to school. How bad, eh? You could even send some money for a well to be bought in an African country such as Kenya or Sierra Leone.

  • Travel to an island to learn how to bake bread

You could pay for yourself and three friends to travel to Heir Island to by taught by experts how to bake the perfect loaf of bread, and you’d still have some money left over to toast (har!) your newfound baking skills. Plus, this is a skill that keeps on giving – dinner parties will have a crusty loaf as a talking point, rather than your brand new phone that’s the same as all your friends’ phones.

  • Buy a Grateful Dead stained glass panel

Looking for something fancy and colourful to display in your living room? This Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia stained glass is around $200. Or how about this David Bowie Japanese boxset with 17 CDs? That would buy you instant kudos in the music nerd stakes, which we all know lasts for infinity. Although this Mariah Carey cardboard stand (very rare, apparently), would still leave you with about €100 to spare, it’s probably only for her biggest fans.

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