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# iPhones

Last year
Apple halts the sale of its products in Russia over Ukraine invasion
The company is one of the latest major corporations to boycott the country following the invasion.
All time
More customers left out-of-pocket after reappears amid ongoing investigation
A consumer watchdog said it is taking customers’ allegations “very seriously”.
Here's what you need to know about Apple's three new iPhones
The company has also launched an upgraded smartwatch that detects falls.
Apple admits it slows down some older iPhones - but says it has a good reason for doing it
Theories have often abounded that older phones would become obsolete automatically.
The peach emoji is back to looking like an arse again after an outcry from sexters
There's been a BIG drop in the number of people buying iPhones
Analysts were expecting worse though, so investors won’t be too unhappy.
This pop-up is the single worst thing about owning an iPhone
The struggle is REAL.
Apple's new update will include diverse emojis... and the Ireland flag
At long last, the tricolour.
Study claims that being away from your iPhone could be making you stupid
* Shifty eyes*
Why are people drenching their phones in Coca Cola?
Can you NOT.
Ingenious iPhone case will put an end to all of your tangled earphone woes
Another first world problem, banished.
This animation made entirely on iPhones and iPads is awe-inspiring
Just imagine how long this took to make.
Girl gets stuck in up to her waist in drain while trying to save iPhone
Passers-by laughed and took pictures. What would YOU do?
Apple's earnings fall again despite strong iPhone sales
Apple’s market value has plunged by about 25 per cent, or $160 billion, this year after three straight quarters of contraction.
France wants to tax iPads and iPhones to fund the arts
A report commissioned by the French government has suggested that a four per cent tax could be imposed on the sale of smartphones and tablets to fund artistic and creative ventures.
Apple apologises to Chinese consumers after 'double standards' criticism
State media in China has criticised the company over customer service and returns policies.
Introducing the incredible 3D mapping technology heading for iPhones and iPads
Incredibly detailed 3D mapping from the Apple-acquired C3 Technologies.
35m iPhones, 11.8m iPads and 4m Macs: A good first quarter for Apple
While iPhone sales exceeded expectations, iPad and Mac sales were not as forecasted but the company’s income continues to grow.
Online advertising spending in Ireland sees record growth
Advertisers spent €65m in online adverts in the first half of this year alone – meaning online advertising has now overtaken spending in radio, outdoor, cinema and magazine formats.
Explosion kills two at Chinese iPhone and iPad factory
The explosion appeared to be accidental as two died and 16 were injured in the explosion at the Foxconn factory in southwestern China.
Goverment may axe TV licence...and replace it with a new household charge
Even if you don’t have a TV, you may soon have to start contributing to RTE’s output.