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The thirst was real for Lucy Kennedy's golden buzzer pick on Ireland's Got Talent last night

Christopher King impressed people with his er, voice.

IRELAND’S GOT TALENT has turned out to be a bit of a hit.

Source: TV3

Who would have thought we all have a bit of talent among us?

Last night, host Lucy Kennedy shocked audiences when she ran up to the judges desk and hit the golden buzzer for one country singer after declaring that he’s ‘absolutely perfect’.

Chris King a 29-year-old originally from Limerick but with the most British of all accents (he moved to the UK when he was four), was therefore sent directly to the final.

He sang Don’t Close Your Eyes and a nation swooned

He got a standing ovation, with Michelle Visage commenting that his voice was ‘beautiful’ and ‘really in control’.

Louis didn’t think it was note perfect, of course.

Source: TV3

But that didn’t matter, as they didn’t even get to judge him.

Lucy Kennedy hauled ass across the stage and hit the golden buzzer herself


Lucy said:

I met him backstage and I really like him as a person.  I love his voice and I know he’s nervous and I hear the nerves in his voice. But I know in my heart this boy will be in the final.  I know it.

Well, he’ll be in the semis now at least.

Source: TV 3

She wasn’t the only one who was impressed

Here’s the full performance, judge for yourself



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