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Steve from Kodaline made his dad cry with an amazing present of a car on Christmas morning

“He’s done so much for me”.

This Dublin dad losing it over Pokémon Go is the most Irish dad thing ever

“I haven’t got time to worry about the world ending while I’ve got Pokemon to f**king catch.”

An Irish dad pulled the most Irish Dad move of all time on holiday in Argentina

John Creedon was involved. Obviously.

This crafty Irish dad pulled off a classic Dad Prank on his poor son

“Give one really, really good pull son, and it might start.”

From Irish dad set to take on the world's toughest race Marathon Des Sables

Irish dad set to take on the world's toughest race

35-year-old Will Mullin will head out to the Moroccan desert next month.

The 13 top Irish dads of 2015

Legends, every single one of them.

How Much Of An Irish Dad Is Your Dad?

Come get your dad stereotypes…

The Irish 'GoPro dad' was given a free Vegas trip - so he can film it the right way round

Las Vegas offered Joe Griffin a free do-over after his GoPro exploits went viral. Go Joe!

This Irish dad made an absolute hames of using a GoPro, and it's comedy gold

Pro tip: Teach your dad how to use your fancy camera before you lend it to him.

This Irish dad's wonderful reaction to his first airplane flight is going viral

“Are you alright dad?” “Oh f**k, am I alright?!”

Hilarious Irish dad talking over the film Wolverine

“Talk about nine inch nails.”

Irish dad tells his daughter to get out in spectacular musical meltdown

Gloria Gaynor would be proud.

The world just CAN'T understand Irish dad’s reaction to ‘failed’ driving test

Jaeshus Chrisht what’s he saying at’all a’tall.

Irish dad's reaction to 'failed' driving test goes insanely viral

He was NOT happy.