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How Much Of An Irish Dad Is Your Dad?

Come get your dad stereotypes…


In the past year, has your dad ever slipped you a tenner when you were leaving the house for no specific reason?
Yes, of course
In the summer months, how often does your Dad talk about cutting the grass?
He'll cut the grass once and mention it then

About once a week
All the time
Does he have some sort of cover on his mobile?
Of course
No, actually
Who's he most likely to throw on in the car?
Christy Moore

Led Zeppelin
Which of these things does he say he hates but secretly loves?
The X Factor
The cat (or any pet)

Clothes shopping
Touchscreen phones
On a scale of 1-10, how bad would you describe his dancing at family events?
1 - "he's a really good dancer"
4 - "it's a bit mortifying"

7 - "it's a holy show"
10 - "my poor eyes"
Select a movie that he would LOVE to watch tonight...

The Shawshank Redemption
The Dark Knight
And finally... does he "rest his eyes" on the couch in the afternoon and the whole family refuses to acknowledge that he's actually asleep?
Oh yes
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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Your dad is the ultimate Irish dad
You knew it. He hits all the beautiful stereotypes we know and love. He's already planning on when to cut the grass next year, isn't he?
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Your dad is a bit of an Irish dad, to be sure
He hasn't quite gone full Irish stereotype but he probably loves resting his eyes on the couch and has a leather flip cover for his phone. You have to treasure him.
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Your dad's not bothered with any of that stereotyped guff at all
A unique dad, to be sure. He doesn't fit the mould of the auld lad stereotype and he's probably delighted about that. A treasure <3
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