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The 13 top Irish dads of 2015

Legends, every single one of them.

1. The dad who delivered the standout line of the marriage referendum

An Australian TV station got a little bit more than they bargained for when they interviewed this taxi driver about the marriage referendum – he was spotted on the telly by his son Darren Duffy, who’s living in Melbourne.

I’m in favour of same-sex marriage, because I’ve been having the same sex with the wife for the past twenty years.

2. Hozier’s dad

Classic Irish flirty banter there.

3. The dad who thought the cat treats with the newspaper were a lovely snack

He wasn’t the only one.

4. The new dad who made this charming video about the truths of fatherhood

Patrick Corr / YouTube

In September, Patrick Corr informed dads-to-be that “life as you know it is OVER” – but quickly explained why it’s all worth it. Aw.

5. Sharon Horgan’s dad on Catastrophe

He was good enough to give her something “for the baby”.


catastrophe tenner

6. The dad who tried to sell his ‘authentic yard slippers’

authentic yard slippers

Because he bought a pair of Crocs. Ultimate dad move.

These babys need a good home. They’ve lived out the back yard for three months now and only friends are the spiders and slugs at night. I acquired a killer pair of Crocs and since fell out of love with the ‘yardies’… Not suitable for first timers.

7. One of the many dads who had ‘the chat’ with their kids about the marriage referendum

“Babba”. :’)

8. The dad who got all tearful during his first airplane flight

Storyful / YouTube

So sweet.

9. This dad who punished his teen son for smoking by putting his iPhone on DoneDeal for €1

donedeal DoneDeal DoneDeal

That’d put the fear of god in you, wouldn’t it?

10. The dad who lost it over the ’30 cows in the field’ riddle (NSFW language)

DailyPicksandFlicks / YouTube

Only in Ireland could a dad call his daughter a “thick c**t” with some semblance of affection.

11. This dad firing out the jokes

12. And this one

13. And finally, GoPro Dad

Evan Griffin / YouTube

*soft applause* Well done Irish dads, well done.