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11 things we need the world to know about Irish men

Just some pointers.

SO, IT’S OFFICIAL. What we have always known to be true has been revealed today – Irish men are the sexiest menfolk in the world.

But, before the whole world loses the run of itself, there are some essential facts they need to know about us Irish men:

1. Not all of us have ginger beards

PA-19801521 Source: PA

Even black-haired Irish lads have been known to grow a ginger-tinted beard. This is common. But it’s not inevitable.

2. We don’t actually sound the same

The subtleties of regional accents can be lost on some people abroad, but anyone who can’t distinguish between, say, the Belfast and Cork lilts might need to re-think their hearing capabilities.

3. But the accent is universally loved

Our one main strength when leaving this island is the accent - and Irish guys have been known to play it up on occasion.

4. The older we get, the funnier we are


The years bestow on to us a wit and life experience that we never had when we were younger. Hence, why auld lads are great craic.

5. Yes, Irish guys can be painfully shy when approaching girls

irishguys Source: connectingsingles.com

Don’t take their complete silence as a negative. Sometimes he really just doesn’t know whether you like him and it’s easier to sip on a pint than make an awkward move. Post 1am, everything will be grand – and he might utter a “hello” in your direction.

6. Our body hair levels might be slightly higher than the world average

The regular Irish lad has a laissez faire attitude to keeping his body hair in check. Some people really like that (and some definitely do not).

7. A pint of milk is an acceptable dinner companion

Not many cultures embrace a pint of milk with the dinner, but many Irish lads buck this trend on a daily basis.

It’s attractive, too.

8. Our artificial scent can often be alluring

rightguard Source: boots

We are fond of spray on deodorant. It’s helps you get night-out-ready in less than five minutes.

9. Some of us can sunburn easily

pJ1q6C0 Source: Imgur

OK, so the stereotyped pasty Irish man might not be 100% accurate, but there are plenty of us that should throw on plenty of sun cream before leaving the gaff in hot conditions. We’ve been burned in the past.

10. Any rumours you might have heard are 100% false

irishguys2 Source: datalounge

Irish guys are quick to denounce any scurrilous internet legends like the one above.

Science backs Irish men on this one.

11. Not all of us can be Jamie Dornan

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals - Los Angeles Source: AP/Press Association Images

Jamie is certainly great advertising for the Irish male abroad, but he might just be setting the standards a little high. If you’re expecting a rugged, charismatic Northern Irish god, things might get awkward.

Still, us regular Irish guys can certainly make a hilariously self-deprecating reference to how we are not Jamie Dornan. That’s good enough.

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