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# Let's Get Quizzical
Quiz: Can you guess the pub from its interior? (This is hard)
This is not going to be an easy one.
# Have Ye No Homes
The 9 secrets of being a great bartender, according to veteran Irish bar staff
The unsung heroes of the pub.
# mad ted
An Irish pub in Edinburgh has unveiled a *huge* mural dedicated to Father Ted
The workmanship is definitely not shoddy.
Take a guided tour of... the billion-dollar tech firm with an Irish pub in its office
US market research company Qualtrics is currently on a major recruitment drive.
# the irish village
This pub in Dubai was just named Best Irish Pub - here's what it's like inside
Just like being at home. If it was 40 degrees at home, that is.
# buskers bar
This Irish pub managed to make the humble breakfast roll look kinda classy
# the loose tavern
Ronan Keating was on Loose Women today, and they broke out ALL the Irish stereotypes
Guinness, leprechaun hats, clovers… You name it.
# man cave
This Cork man got his dream hurling-themed 'man cave' on a US home makeover show
Rebels here…
# man cave
This Cork man got his dream Irish 'man cave' on a US home makeover show
Well for some.
# just the one
12 essential ingredients for the perfect Irish pub
Slowly add pints, and stir gently.
# Bar 32
Angry backlash after Irish pub in England refuses people wearing poppies
A protest was held outside the pub the following evening.
# show me heaven
Is this the best Irish pub in the world?
The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog looks absolutely amazing. Mmmm… Friday evening grog.
# Irish Pub
Here's the full Irish, the Guinness, and the cocktails at the best Irish pub in the world
Have a nose around.
# rules of the round
9 honest rules to be observed in every Irish pub
Stool-hogging is for gowls.
# the dead rabbit
This is the best bar in the world - and it has an Irish secret
The Dead Rabbit in New York isn’t just any old Irish pub.
# Pubs
13 essential features every self-respecting Irish pub should have
All of these should be mandatory.
# wadi-ya mean
This Mullingar pub is charging WHAT for a pint of MiWadi?!
It’s not your Wadi…
# resistance is futile
The Irish pub is set to become even harder to ignore on your holidays
New pubs network will see nearly 7,000 establishments worldwide working together.
# Record Breakers
Irish pub in Vegas hosts continuous two weeks of non-stop live music
Irish musicians are keeping the sound going in a bid to break a record.
# pumped
You can rent an actual 'self-catering Irish pub' in Tipperary on AirBNB
You can literally live at the pub.
# daddy day care
Is this Dublin’s first 'husband crèche'?
Two shots of stereotyping please.
# air bnb
Airbnb's swanky Dublin offices designed to look like Irish pub
Coffee? Water? Pint?
# just the one
Charming short film shows the life cycle of a glass in an Irish pub
Just lovely.
# corcán aisig
Useful, or terrible stereotype? This Irish pub has a 'puke bowl'
Not sure this is OK.
# Irish Pub
More than 950 pubs closed down in Ireland over a five year period
Consumption of alcohol is down 14.1 per cent on 2007 levels, says drinks industry report.
# just for one
The 9 Unwritten Rules Of The Irish Pub
Must know.
# your round
The 13 people you will meet in the pub tonight
Shots for everyone!
# Spuds
Have you ever had an Irish seven course dinner?
There’s atein’ and drinkin’ in that.
# St Patrick's Day
PIC: St Patrick's Day delivery to a single Irish pub
Guess how many pints these barrels in Minneapolis contain?
# Your Say
Poll: How will you be celebrating your Irishness tomorrow?
Tomorrow’s St Patrick’s Day – the one day of the year when you get to remember how it feels to be proud to be Irish. So let us know how you think we should be celebrating it.
# 10% Tip
A six-piece metal band walk into a bar...
Iron Maiden: more Irish than the Irish themselves.