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Irish weather

14 things the world needs to know about Irish weather

Things get complicated.

PLEASE, BEFORE YOU visit, let us inform you.

1. It’s not unusual to have all four seasons in one day

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So make sure you wear your sunglasses AND your good winter coat.

2. It IS possible to have winter in your front garden while summer is happening in your back garden

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You get the beessst, of both words.

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3. It’s not a warm cloudy day, it’s ‘close’


4. Good drying is the best kind of weather

The most vital measurement of how ‘grand’ the day is, is whether there is good drying out or not.

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5. Even though we expect horrible weather, it’s compulsory to complain about it constantly

Horrible day.
Would put years on ya, wouldn’t it?


6. We like to think we can predict it

Hurricane in New Zealand? Ah, it’s on its way.

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7. Because the weather forceasters can’t

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8. If the sun comes out, pasty people WILL take their tops off

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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9. That’s not cloudy drizzle, it’s a ‘soft’ day

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10. Sun is a valid excuse to not go to work

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It’s so rare, so precious.

11. It CAN get too cold to snow

But the sky CAN have snow ‘in it’.


12. It is simply unacceptable not to get a Twister or a 99 once it hits 15 degrees

ice cream Sean MacEntee Sean MacEntee

13. Because everything can change seriously quick

14. If all else fails, we can pray

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