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Toddlers who view screens for over three hours a day are 'less physically active at age five'
That’s according to a new study carried out on 500 children.
# Your Say
Poll: Do you plan to cut down on screen time in 2019?
Many people spend several hours a day on smartphones and other devices.
# screens
Analysis: Saracens' rugby league traits are a major danger to Munster
Mark McCall’s men use screen passes and grubber kicks to great effect.
# Quiz
Which B-List Irish Celebrity Are You?
You’re really famous but not *quite* A-List.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Saturday
Here’s the telly that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# world of celebs
Una Healy's husband delivered her Valentine's message on live telly... it's the Dredge
All the celeb durt that’s fit to rake.
# can I take your order
Kel's Good Burger pregnancy announcement with bonus orange soda is A1
And there’s ORANGE SODA too.
# it happened
Adorable couple Gary and Áine from this season of First Dates Ireland are now officially together
Facebook official, no less.
# Pack your bags
A Ballymena couple's brilliant Valentine's Day text exchange is taking over Twitter
“hey lau i have a surprise for you”
# elaine and steve
A guy on Channel 4's First Dates told his date to pay 'another ten quid' on her half of the bill
# young wans
13 things that would happen if Girls was set in Dublin
Young Wans.
# live television baby
11 times Irish people proved how dangerous live television is
Playing with fire.
# fifty shades of f**ked up
7 of the most scathing quotes from reviews of Fifty Shades Darker
“…just sexy enough to frighten a few frigid horses.”
# heya heya heya
This deadly mash-up proves that Ed Sheeran's new tune sounds *an awful lot* like a Walking On Cars song
Oh I, oh I, oh I, oh I…
# gigi's hand
It looks like Vogue made a hames of the Photoshop on its new front cover
# can't say goodbye
An Irish charity is looking to rehome these Retrievers in pairs because 'they can't be split'
And Facebook has rowed in behind them.
# Marty Whelan
11 reasons why Marty Whelan is a national treasure
# Lobbing the gob
14 perfect observations about Irish people shifting the face off each other in public
“people shifting here with the zeal of toothless fish that subsist by sucking dust off the floor of the ocean.”
# multi-coloured fanny
Tesco Ireland is not selling these unfortunately-named Unicorn Easter eggs
Imagine though.
# no shitposts
How the 'Ireland Simpsons Fans' Facebook page became the best place for Irish memes
A place where nothing can possiblie go wrong.
# tyra mail
This Leaving Cert student channeled ANTM to decide which siblings would be included in her Spanish oral
“You are still in the running towards being included in my Spanish oral.”
# Ticket to Ride
16 times Bus Eireann proved it's a truly unique Irish travelling experience
The things you come across.
# cul de sac
An Post proved themselves again by delivering *this* letter from Germany to Waterford
“I forgot the street name but it’s near a street called Cul de Sac.”
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday
Here’s the telly that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# Burn
Game of Thrones' Sansa Stark absolutely laid into Donald and Melania Trump on Twitter
# gravy refills
St. Kevin's Mart is the most quintessentially Dublin corner shop around
A true gem.
# my heart will go on
Celine Dion brilliantly photobombed this couple's engagement photos
What a treasure.
# making sambos
There's a supremely awkward conversation about women making sandwiches on this week's First Dates Ireland
Stop digging holes, George!
# aoife mcardle
A Tyrone woman was responsible for one of the most talked about ads of the Super Bowl
Remember the Audi ad? It was directed by Irish filmmaker Aoife McArdle.
# seven years with leo
Humans of Dublin shared a heartbreaking story of a woman's journey with a man who had Alzheimer's
“I spent seven years with Leo, slowly unlocking more and more about his life story.”
# goodbye sabine
A man in Cork is selling his BMW with a brilliantly honest DoneDeal ad
“I bought her two years ago at the beginning of my quarter-life crisis…”
# what to watch
What to watch on TV tonight: Monday
Here’s the telly that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# hen party
An Irish woman invited a random Swedish lad to her hen after misspelling her friend's e-mail - and he showed up
Modern friendship, eh?
# enda for taoiseach
The whole country wants Enda from Room To Improve to run for Taoiseach
“That’s the Enda we want in charge of the country!”
# trump draws
17 excellent memes this year has already blessed us with
Howbow dah.
# Good Times
11 things Irish kids actually used to do for fun
Taping videos off Top 30 Hits.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Friday
Here’s the telly that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# salt bae
Leo DiCaprio actually went to have his steak salted by the greatest meme of 2017
Full circle.
# eight letter word
The word 'sh*thead' came up on Countdown and they blocked it out with the poo emoji
*audience gasps*
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Thursday
Here’s the telly that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.