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Is David Cameron really related to Kim Kardashian or is it an April Fool's gag?

The Prime Minister claimed today that he is the reality star’s “thirteenth cousin”.


…be related to Kim Kardashian?

Apparently so.

In an interview with Heat Magazine, the Prime Minister was asked about what he likes to watch on television, he revealed that he was distantly related to the Kardashian klan.

After being asked if he ever watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Cameron chirped:

No, but I’m related to them! Thirteenth cousin.

Now either this is true and the general election campaign has just taken a turn for the bizarre or this is David Cameron/Heat’s attempt at an early April Fool’s joke.

Heat has allegedly confirmed the claim and say that the unlikely pair share a mutual ancestor in the form of Sir William Spencer, born in 1555.

Thirteenth cousins, eh?

On the one hand, it’s tenuous enough to sound believable and, more importantly, it’s basically impossible to verify, making it a classic April Fool’s prank.

On the other hand, stranger things have happened?

giphy (11)

True or not, the news prompted a lot of arse jokes.

We’re still not entirely convinced, though.

Look at this face.

cameron Source: Heat

The face of a messer or the face of someone trying desperately to be down with the kids?

We’ll find out in due course.

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