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7 ways Jay Z is driving everyone mad

Sorry, that should be Jaÿ Z.

Cavaliers Clippers Basketball Source: AP/Press Association Images

1. He’s now spelling his name as Jaÿ-Z

jayz1 Source: tidal

On the Tidal website, his name has started to appear as Jaÿ- Z.


2. This entirely relevant question

Jay Z's Club-Airport Source: AP/Press Association Images

3. This upcoming exclusive gig


He’s set to play music that he hasn’t played in the last decade, but only if you’re paying for Tidal.

Come on, Jaÿ.

4. His #TidalFacts didn’t go down well

5. The fact that he doesn’t even have Jay Z in his Twitter handle


Would it be too much to stick in a casual Jaÿ somewhere?

6. And his one word Twitter description is so Jaÿ



Wireless Festival 2013 - Day 2 - London Source: Yui Mok

7. A load of Beyoncé fans thinks he ruined her songs

Poor Jaÿ :(

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