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Last month
August 2023
Latest radio listening figures show Ryan Tubridy's popularity had dropped before going off-air
Sunday With Miriam has also seen a major drop in listeners.
This year
Stumbles for Ryan Tubridy, Brendan O'Connor, and Miriam O'Callaghan in latest radio figures
Radio’s heavy-hitters have seen their numbers fall since last year.
All time
RTÉ has been losing listeners to commercial stations but Radio 1 is still top dog
Today FM and Newstalk see strong gains across their entire week-day schedule.
Craving current affairs, radio listeners flock to Morning Ireland and Miriam as 2FM falters
Today FM sees strong gains across its entire week-day schedule.
We have a wealth of talented podcasters here in Ireland, so why are we not counting their listeners?
As Bressie’s podcast wins an award, Darach Ó Séaghdha argues that it’s high time the JNLR figures took podcasting into account.
'What better tribute could we have': Marian Finucane Show gained 19,000 listeners in final months on air
The figures cover the three months leading up to the veteran broadcaster’s death in January.
Tubridy on the rise but Marian loses listeners as competition keeping RTÉ 'on its toes'
The Hard Shoulder with Ivan Yates is the only non-RTÉ Radio One show to make it into the top 20.
After quitting the station in March, Jenny Greene is returning to 2FM to host a new daytime slot
The latest JNLR listenership figures show a boost for the station.
2FM and Today FM slugging it out as they're almost neck and neck in latest radio figures
It was also a mixed bag for RTÉ Radio One in the latest JNLR figures.
Ivan Yates has overtaken Pat Kenny as Newstalk's most popular presenter
The radio listenership figures are out.
Fewer people are tuning into Joe Duffy - but Morning Ireland has added listeners
It’s JNLR day.
Why won't Irish brands step up to support the brilliant Blindboy Podcast?
The podcast with nearly 1 million listens worldwide still hasn’t got a sponsor.
Despite dropping 25,000 listeners in a year, Morning Ireland is still by far the most listened to radio show
There were mixed results for Ireland’s main national stations.
2FM has more daily listeners than Today FM for the first time since Gerry Ryan's death
The survey covers the summer months and shows that over 3.1 million Irish people listen to the radio every day.
Joe Duffy and Ray D'Arcy among the big radio names to lose listeners this quarter
Ian Dempsey and Ryan Tubridy among those with lower listenership.
'It's definitely on': Battle heating up for 2FM and Today FM as pair tied for breakfast listeners
Latest figures show a good rise in numbers across the both stations.
'Battle Royale' between Today FM and 2FM as latest listener figures are released
The head of 2FM, Dan Healy, said that Today FM is becoming ‘comedy central’.
Anton Savage leaves Today FM after rows with management
Drama as presenter blindsides station with angry statement – and station rushes to confirm his contract is at an end.
Radio wars: RTÉ Radio One is still killing its rivals but major shows are now losing listeners
The latest JNLRs have been released.
RTÉ Radio One remains top dog in the radio wars
Today FM remains top for market share for 25 – 41 year olds.
RTÉ Radio One and 2FM have had a STELLAR three months - here are the latest radio figures
The state broadcaster has been cleaning up on all fronts over the last three months.
21 deadly female presenters on Irish radio
Here come the gals.
Once again RTÉ shows why it's top dog. Here are the latest radio figures
Size matters in radio land.
Anton Savage versus Ray D'Arcy: The figures are in but who's winning?
Anton Savage has done well in the JNLR survey.
Ray D'Arcy was losing listeners before he jumped ship... but his new slot doesn't look too good either
However, his replacement, Anton Savage, has something to be happy about.
The radio figures are out: we spend 4 hours a day tuned in but what are we listening to?
How’s Pat getting on at Newstalk? Is Ryan Tubridy winning his listeners back? And is everyone talking to Joe?
Newstalk makes gains, 2FM struggles, and we all love Ronan Collins
Who’s listening to what?
Newstalk: 'People moved the dial for Pat...and now they've discovered Ivan, Chris, Seán and George'
The radio station is hopeful that its radio personalities will continue to lure people over from RTÉ programmes.
84 per cent of all adults listen to radio on a daily basis
The latest JNLR figures have also shown that 54 per cent of people listen to regional radio.
Radio listenership figures released; everyone claims to be happy
The latest JNLR figures are out, and predictably enough, every radio station has found something to be positive about.
Saorview, sales and Shakhtar Donetsk: The week in numbers
Plus – what’s the monetary value of virginity? And what was Ireland’s best-performing sales sector in September?
JNLR results show that local and regional radio dominate with 53% of listeners
Today’s Joint National Listenership Research figures also show that 85% of all adults listen to radio on a daily basis.
Tubs still losing listeners as D'Arcy's figures rise
The latest listenership figures show that while RTE favourites Morning Ireland and Marian Finucance fared well, Ryan Tubridy and Derek Mooney suffered losses.
Average adult listens to over 3 hours of radio each day
Statistics compiled by Ipsos MRBI for JNLR show that the average adult listens to 196 minutes of radio broadcasts each day.
Listenership figures show 85 per cent of Irish adults listen to radio every day
Local radio continues to be a firm favourite for Irish audiences, with more that half of all radio-listeners tuning into a local regional station daily.
The Daily Fix: Thursday
In tonight’s Fix: Ireland goes to the polls, markets embrace the Greece deal, how much you’ll pay for an iPhone 4S, and just what DID cause Monday night’s flooding?
Tubridy drops more listeners in latest JNLR figures
Ryan Tubridy has lost 27,000 listeners in six months – with his audience now less than half of his previous listenership on Radio 1.
Radio 1 news shows pick up listeners as others tumble
Radio 1′s current affairs programming performs well in the latest JNLR figures, but Ryan Tubridy loses heavily.
Gains for Radio 1 and Today FM in latest radio listenership figures
Morning Ireland consolidates its spot as the most listened-to radio show, but there’s bad news from Ryan Tubridy and 2fm.
RTÉ gains ground in latest radio listenership figures
Morning Ireland remains Ireland’s most popular programme, picking up 23,000 listeners, while Drivetime also makes gains.