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# Kansas

This year
These massive ‘gorilla hailstones’ hit parts of the US today
No injuries or damage to homes has been reported as of this morning.
Two men charged with murder over shooting at Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade
Two youths charged with crimes connected to mass shooting at Kansas City Super Bowl parade
Mass shooting after Chiefs Super Bowl parade appeared to stem from dispute, police say
Last year
85-year-old white man charged after allegedly shooting black teen who rang doorbell in Missouri
All time
Kansas puts abortion rights on the ballot in test case for US
Four dead and five injured in shooting at Kansas bar overnight
Designer of Kansas water slide arrested after it decapitated 10-year-old boy
'A prank has cost an innocent life': Online gamer shot dead by police after row over $2 Call of Duty bet
'It's nice outside' - Man wrongly convicted of double murder freed after 23 years
16-year-old boy running for Kansas governor seat
'He was just enjoying his glass of beer': Family's distress after Indian men shot in 'hate crime'
Chelsea Manning ends hunger strike as US army agrees to pay for her gender surgery
Chelsea Manning begins hunger strike in military prison
10-year-old boy dies on world's tallest water slide
Chelsea Manning could be placed in solitary confinement in wake of suicide attempt
Chelsea Manning hospitalised after reports of attempted suicide
Three killed, 14 wounded after man storms workplace with "assault-style" weapon
Sonogram shows dying twin holding his unborn sister's hand
Dramatic video shows toddler rescued from scorching hot car
Man found "making final preparations" for suicide attack on military base
Small plane crashes at Kansas airport during take off
Baby girl dies after being left in hot car in 32 degree heat
Woman sets her house on fire while trying to kill a spider
Man with 'MURDER' tattooed on his neck is now on trial for murder...and wants the tattoo removed
'Neo-Nazi' gunman kills three at US Jewish sites on eve of Passover
Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, has died
Chelsea Manning is going to court to have her name legally changed from Bradley
Ronan Farrow tackles anti-gay laws, cannabis and Ukraine in MSNBC debut
Local news channel interview 'mellowed' teen about high school crime
Massive jumbo jet mistakenly lands at tiny airport... and now it's stuck
Passenger kicked off plane for over-singing Whitney Houston
Woman comes face to face with circus tiger in bathroom
Woman arrested after locking malnourished daughter, 10, in closet
Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads
Michael Freeman
VIDEO: Couple tie the knot... as 250kph tornado drops behind them
US storms: Tornado kills 5 in Oklahoma
Woman banned from slaughtering chickens as part of art installation
Bishop charged for not reporting child images on priest's laptop
Watch: Foo Fighters organise Westboro Baptist Church counter-protest