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bruce jenner

Kim Kardashian discussed Bruce Jenner's transition in a frank interview this morning



KIM KARDASHIAN HAS spoken out on her stepfather Bruce Jenner’s gender transition in an interview on Today.

It was the first public interview Kardashian has given since Jenner’s announcement that he is transitioning to a woman.

The reality star once again reiterated her support for Jenner and stated that she believed that he has found “inner peace and just pure happiness”.

I’m really happy for him that he is living his life the way he wants to live it.

She said that her stepfather had a “big heart” and stated that she would support him no matter what, so long as he was happy.

I don’t know what life would be like if you always felt like you weren’t yourself. And I know it’s not something that you or I could really fully understand, but I don’t even think we have to. I think as long as he is happy and he wants to live his life, however he wants to live it, that just makes me happy, and I support him 100 percent.

However, Kardashian did also acknowledge that coming to terms with the transition was an ongoing process.

I think there is still an adjustment, and there’s family therapy. We’re really close. We all really support him. Is it a hard adjustment? Yes. It’s an adjustment on how to deal with it. It’s a daily process.

She also stated that she was “proud” that Jenner’s coming out might help others in the same situation.

Her comments today have been warmly received.

This is not the first time Kim has voiced her support for Jenner.

Following the broadcast of his tell-all interview with Diane Sawyer, she posted warm messages of support on Twitter.


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