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The kid from the Kinder chocolate bars has been spotted on Tinder

And now everyone feels OLD.

51I BJ8s3vL Source: Images-amazon

WE ALL REMEMBER Kinder chocolate back in the day.

It had a certain exotic feel to it – like you were eating a higher class of European chocolate. And the kid above was the instantly recognisable face of it worldwide, staring back at you as you went for another bite.

And now, in dramatic circumstances, he has been spotted on Tinder, and outed himself as the ’90s Kinder kid in the process:

kinderbeuno Source: Twitter

kinderbeuno2 Source: Twitter

Twitter user Barbie Ferreira came across Josh yesterday, and her tweet was simple and to the point:

It’s been retweeted over 7000 times, as the nostalgia is real. There is no doubting that Josh looks exactly like the Kinder kid, but that’s all we have to go on right now:


Still, it’s compelling.

All grown up.

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