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The 7 most delighted tweets about Ryan Tubridy interviewing a talking car

Twitter was over the moon.

KITT THE TALKING car from Knight Rider was on the Late Late Show last night, among the other shenanigans.

Ryan Tubridy talked to the auctioneer of the replica car, which is currently on show at Newbridge Silverware in Kildare. He then talked to the car itself.

Kitt told Tubs:

I like your road. Especially the ones without potholes. Although they do help me to fly through the air.

Needless to say, Twitter was DELIGHTED at the opportunity to crack jokes about the talking car.

7. Starting out at a pretty standard level of delight…

6. Delight level rising…

5. Still rising…

4. Happily criticising the car’s interview style

3. Oh, Twitter.

2. Practically over the moon here

1. Uncontainable delight

Basically, this was Twitter when it got to make jokes about the talking car:

Source: Phillymag

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