9 scarves you can buy to rival Lenny Kravitz's one

Bundle up.

IT’S FIVE YEARS since Lenny Kravits wore this scarf out, and the general public came together over their collective envy.

This is the actual size and length of the scarf – the comically large imitation you’ve seen floating around is Photoshopped, unfort.

*sigh* If only.

If you wish to get on Lenny’s level as the temperature continues to plummet, we’re here to help.

1. Go big and blue in this ASOS number (€16.22)

Source: ASOS


2. This Pieces scarf is thiccc (€24.32)

Source: ASOS

3. This is pretty close to Lenny’s number, albeit in a different colour. (€29.73)

Source: ASOS

4. This one doubles as a picnic blanket – a scarf for all seasons. (€24.32)

Source: ASOS

5. Here’s a wooly one from River Island. (€27.03)

Source: ASOS

6. A similar one from Pieces, but in a less-goth colour scheme. (€27.03)

Source: ASOS

Let the record show that I am all for a goth colour scheme though.

7. This wrap that is simultaneously a cape and a scarf. (€29.99)

Source: New Look


A winning combination if I ever saw one.

8. This one comes with a hood, separating itself as an absolute beacon of practicality. (€22.99)

Source: New Look

9. This, by definition, is a poncho. Wrap it up enough times though and it’s a scarf. Trust me. (€22.99)

Source: H&M

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