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Hold on a minute Google... has Love/Hate's Siobhan been recast?

Oh. There’s more than one Charlie Murphy.
Sep 1st 2014, 8:46 PM 6,133 1

WE ARE SO excited about the new series of Love Hate. What’s the deal with it anyway, any news?

Let’s see.


Wait a minute. Can it be possible?

Have they recast Siobhan?


Ah, poor Siobhan. Like she hasn’t be through enough already.

Worry not, Google have just confused actress Charlie Murphy

Love/Hate Source: RTÉ

For comedian (and brother of Eddie) Charlie Murphy

9e7b4b40ce499b138ce7bc885e3e4ace Source: Charlie Murphy

Easy mistake to make, we’ll allow it.

We love a good Wikipedia confusion, we do.

ht Philawesomeraptor via Reddit

Someone added Japanese-style animation to the Love/Hate finale, and it suddenly makes sense>

Here’s what will happen in Love/Hate season 5*>

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